5 Secrets to Decrease Stress and Feel Fabulous During the Holiday Season


Wind down an hour before bed; that means no electronics, no lights on phones/laptops, TVs, etc… Turn it all off and start your nighttime routine. The highest quality and most restorative sleep is from 10pm to 12pm, the “night train”, so catch as much as you can to minimize your stress the next day, lose weight, and feel your best. Every hour of sleep before midnight counts for 2 hours of sleep after midnight. Catch the train!


Keep it simple. Make sure the meals you are eating during the holiday season are easy to digest. Often we are stressed during the holidays, and when we eat when stressed, we go into fat storage mode rather than fat burning mode. Think SMOOTHIES when you get overwhelmed and are short on time.

Taking deep breaths and being conscious of what you eat is key for your health and happiness, and will leave you better able to say no to the sweet treats.

Try taking a breath in through your nose, holding that breath for 10 seconds, and then releasing. Repeat this deep breathing exercise 5 times, and you will reduce those feelings of stress.

The holidays are a great time to reflect in a simple way. Try this new great journal app called Perspective one of my clients shared with me for journaling, reflecting, and creating new habits with ease. It will be great if you are traveling as well.


Two drinks I would not live without during the holiday are the following:

MY MORNING LEMON ELIXIR to boost metabolism

Take 2 cups of room temperature water and add the juice from 1⁄2 a lemon, a pinch of cayenne (optional but boosts metabolism), and 1 teaspoon of raw honey or a couple drops of stevia.

MY EVENING ALKALIZING CHLOROPHYLL DRINK to alkalize the body and decrease inflammation from the day

Add 1 tablespoon of chlorophyll to 12 ounces of water with the juice of one lemon.

Note: you can buy chlorophyll at any natural food store, Whole Foods, or on Amazon.


Too much sugar in combination with alcohol can be the perfect storm for feeling anxious, stressed, and hung over the next day. Check out my Healthy Happy Hour guide here to help you make the best decisions in reducing your stress post holiday gathering. Don’t forget your charcoal to “soak up” the toxins from a little over indulgence. Dr. Amy Myers recommends taking 2 capsules at night before you go to bed.



Take your mindfulness, prayer, meditation, or whatever you call your personal practice, up a notch.

When you wake up in the morning, lie in bed and count 4 simple things you are grateful for. When you curl up at night, reflect back on your day.

Is there anything you would have like to have done differently?

Maybe you are not happy with your reaction or behavior?

Is there something you said you would like to retract?

Somewhere you spent your energy that in hindsight you wish you hadn’t?

Reflect back, learn from your day, and then find 4 things to be grateful for.

Email me here if you want to connect before the holidays so I can support you. I have a simple and sweet holiday program that might be just what you need for pre and post holidays. Plan to set yourself up for success and trust that I can help you do just that.


As always love to hear any feedback!



The #1 Ingredient to Avoid in Sunscreen

I was enjoying a lovely dinner with a new friend and long time Colorado local…and might I add, she has beautiful and youthful skin. She shared a bit of shocking news with me, and that was that I had to wear sunscreen every day, even if I don’t leave the house!

Feeling a little uneducated, I combed the internet for highly researched products, and the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) website to find information that would serve me and my clients.

Here is what I know to be true…

The skin is our largest organ and protects us from everything that could cause us harm. It would make sense that anything we put on it would be quickly absorbed into our system and that we should do our best to apply only the best and toxic-free products!

Sunscreen is a unique body care product: consumers are directed to apply a thick coat over large areas of the body and reapply frequently. Thus, ingredients in sunscreen should not be irritating or cause skin allergies, and should be able to withstand powerful UV radiation without losing their effectiveness or forming potentially harmful breakdown products. People can potentially inhale ingredients in sunscreen sprays and ingest some of the ingredients they apply to their lips, so ingredients must not be harmful to lungs or internal organs. Further, sunscreens commonly include ingredients that act as “penetration enhancers” and help the product adhere to skin. As a result, many sunscreen chemicals are absorbed into the body and can be measured in blood, breast milk and urine samples. *Source – EWG

I also learned that damaging rays from the sun can actually come through the glass windows of your home and your car. So protecting your face, hands and any other areas exposed is of utmost importance.

What I love about the EWG website is that you can input your sunscreen brand and it will grade your product on where it rates with having potentially harmful ingredients.

After combing through recommendations and consulting several different experts in this area, I found a product that I love – Supergoop (Especially the travel size with the attached lip protection). I just got it for traveling and popping right in my purse or climbing bag so I can stick to my new habit of applying twice a day.

Top sun care tips that I didn’t know about good sunscreen practice:

  1. AVOID sunscreens with oxybenzone. The EWG has reviewed the existing data about human exposure and toxicity for the nine most commonly used sunscreen chemicals. The most worrisome is oxybenzone, which was added to nearly 65 percent of the non-mineral sunscreens in EWG’s 2018 sunscreen database. Oxybenzone can cause allergic skin reactions (Rodriguez 2006). In laboratory studies it is a weak estrogen and has potent anti-androgenic effects (Krause 2012, Ghazipura 2017). *Source – EWG
  2. You need to wear it even if you are not going outside. Who would have thunk?
  3. You must reapply! I think twice a day is an adequate dose, if you haven’t been using it all than once in the morning is better than none at all.
  4. You really want to use between SPF 30-50 on your face. I might be more apt to stick to SPF 30 on my face in North Carolina, but here SPF 50 is really necessary. And above and beyond that (SPF 70) is not necessary, and should be avoided, as recommended by the EWG.
  5. Hit your hands and face when you are behind the wheel.
  6. Vitamin C is raved about by so many dermatologists and experts in skin care because SO many research studies have shown that in the right form it can help reverse sun damage. BINGO, sign me up! After much research, this is the product that is the best bang for your buck – MAD HIPPIES.
  7. Want to take care of the crow’s feet by those sweet eyes? The eyes are the gateways to our soul and the tissue is unique and needs special attention…Avalon Eye cream.

Don’t beat yourself up for not knowing what you didn’t know…you learn everything right as you are ready to implement and understand. So jump on board and start taking care of that beautiful skin of yours! It’s never too late!


I would love to hear if you have any tips about sunscreen or favorite products! Leave a reply below or shoot me an email here.

Yoga to Cleanse the Body…

Doesn’t that sound delicious and simple?

What I love about bringing my body to the mat is that it’s a practice. Sometimes there is noise, interruptions, animals, loved ones, timers, ambulances…things we can’t control. But that is why we practice. To deepen our ability to respond more and react less.

Our go-go mentality and lifestyle creates a constant build up of toxicity in the body.

YES emotional stress, drive thru’s, multi-tasking, sadness, highs and lows, good stress and bad stress, all create toxins in the belly and get stored at the cellular level. We need to clean out the emotions just as much as we need to clean out the toxins from our environment.

It’s also the reason that even healthy people with clean diets, detox. It’s just a way to reset the body and allow the digestive tract to take a break from moving toxins out on a daily basis.

I wanted to share a quick tip for those of you finishing a cleanse or considering a fall cleanse this season. Whenever you do a cleanse or a detox, the first thing to come off is water and glycogen, so the first few pounds can come quite easily.

I share this so you don’t get discouraged…the goal is to find your ideal size and shape.

We can’t find our baseline weight by making healthy food choices alone, nor by just adding exercise.

For total wellness, you have to look at the other pillars of health such as community, spirituality, stress management, good sleep hygiene, and mindset.

Let’s explore a few of these further:

Community: How do you feel supported day to day? Do you have people you love to call on? Furry friends? Spouses? Partners? A lack of support can cause stress in the body and emotional stress. And it is vital to fill your own cup with self-love, but also to be able to reach out to others when times become more than you can handle on your own. That’s what friendships and community are for…to have your back when you feel like you may fall down.

Spirituality: What do you believe in at the end of the day? Do you have faith in a higher power that is on your team and supporting your every move? It isn’t important WHAT you believe in or whether it is right or wrong, just that you have a belief system that can also support you in the dark nights of the soul that we all must bear at some point in our lives.

Mindset: There is positive momentum and negative momentum. How do you start your day? Is it CNN or Facebook? Or is it moving your body, deep breathing, and gratitude? Either way. you will have momentum in your day. Media and news can be stressful on the body because the brain cannot differentiate between reality and non-reality, so stressful news creates stress in the body. But if you start your day with positive momentum, you develop resilience to whatever life throws your way. You have space to respond to the stress that shows up during your day rather than react.

One of the best tools my participants started implementing this past detox was good sleep hygiene. Just simply choosing to read a book instead of watching any screens before bed created a more restful night’s sleep, and notably more energy in the morning.

The best way to play the “long game” of health is to understand the importance of good sleep hygiene and stress management. You simply can’t find your ideal shape and size if you are slacking off in either of those areas.

My favorite yoga pose for balancing my stress is sleeping swan pose, a form of yin yoga. If you haven’t tried this yet, you must, and I have included a great resource here! This is my favorite ritual to settle into before bed.

So go ahead and indulge in self-care, your best self is just waiting to feel spoiled and ready to shine. You will experience deep relaxation, more flexibility, and a calm breath in this pose.

Yin Yoga is a less active style of yoga where the poses are held for 3-5 minutes, or even longer, and typically resting on the floor. You may only do 4 poses in an hour class. Yang Yoga would be any style of flow yoga using more energy and postures are mixed with both standing up and sitting down.

The intention behind the yang poses is to work the muscles whereas the intention behind the yin poses is to release the muscles and work deeper into the tissues.

Pigeon pose (also called sleeping swan in yin yoga) is a popular hip opener pose because we store so much of our stress in the hips. Pigeon is very similar to swan pose but pigeon is more active (yang), and swan is less active (yin).

Sleeping Swan pose stimulates the gallbladder and liver meridians and can release emotions such as anger stored in the body, as well as enhance deep breathing, reduce stress, and create a deeper connection to your body.

A few benefits of sleeping swan and activating the gallbladder and liver meridians:

  • Releasing feelings of anger
  • Feeling more compassionate to others
  • Prevent cramping, muscle weakness, fatigue
  • Supporting muscles and tendons in the area
  • Improving vision because gallbladder meridians affect the eyes
  • Preventing vertigo and dizziness
  • Nourishing the liver
  • Bringing blood flow to the groin and pubic area

Here is the video again that would be a great ritual you could bring into your morning or evening ritual.

Here’s to breathing deep, managing stress, and detoxing the body thru yoga. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on sleeping swan, email me or leave a comment here.

4 Pillars For Physical + Spiritual Health

Chinese medicine shares that spring and fall are our hinges for summer and winter.

Summer represents a time when we open up and bloom like a flower, expanding our energies outward, and winter a time when we take our energy inward for hibernation, creation, and grounding.

A common problem one of my clients shared with me today is: “I fell off track” this summer. She is struggling to find balance…between what she eats, how she feels in her body, and the choices she makes.

Did you fall off track?

First of all, don’t feel guilty. This happens to ALL of us.

Here are the top 4 things you need to know to Reboot this Fall and get back on track…

*Warning if done regularly, you may create sustainable habits that could last you a lifetime. YES! 

1. Food for fuel. There is no one diet that works for everyone. You have to take the time to figure out which foods work for your unique body.

This means identifying food allergies, intolerances, and sensitivities, then adjusting your diet to accommodate for these things.

With the amount of toxicity in our environments and processed foods in our diets, it’s easy for our bodies to get out of whack.

If you find yourself tired often or easily gaining weight, this is usually due to blood sugar imbalances.

Learning how to bring your blood sugar back into balance is a tool for success so your body can optimize the sugars you’re consuming and continue to burn fat.

This is step one in learning what food fuels your unique body.

Don’t worry, there are a TON of delicious and nutritious ways to balance your blood sugars every day. Click here for a sneak peek at the suggested detox meals.

2. Rituals: The way you do one thing is the way you do everything. It would make sense that the best and most impactful part of your day would be the first five minutes.

Do you spend the morning rushing around feeling stressed or listening to the violence in the news? 

A simple ritual you can create for yourself today is to schedule and prioritize 5 minutes for yourself in the morning.

Creating intention for how you want to show up in your relationships…with your spouse, your children, co-workers, with your friends, and your community will go along way in supporting you and reducing stress.

There are 3 types of meditation: mantras, breathing meditation, or single pointed awareness.

Taking just 5 minutes in the morning to sit in silence, with music or without, will create space in your mind and your heart. It will create space in how you react to the rest of the day…to the people that cut you off in traffic, to the kids’ carpool line, and to disappointments that are inevitable.

Meditation is not just a “woo-woo” tool anymore. It’s an everyday ritual to manage your stress and there’s a reason why more and more people want to learn about it.

Depression, anxiety, and loneliness also all breed dis-ease so it is important to explore different ways to create healthy rituals for you to support yourself. 

Your life will begin to flow and feel less stressed by just implementing this simple routine.

How do you get started with meditation?

Keep an eye out for me in your inbox this weekend, I will share a meditation from my upcoming Detox with you!

If you want to learn more about meditation, join us in the 21-Day detox. where we explore simple 5 minute routines that you can download and enjoy in the morning or evenings to help you reduce stress.

3. Re-train your mind: Cravings are a real concern and we all have them.It’s important to identify when you are having cravings and when you are hungry, and know the difference. 

If you have developed unhealthy habits in the past and now have unhealthy cravings, you can learn how to unravel the source of the cravings and start to crowd them out with healthier habits.

For example: If you crave sugars and sweets, make a smoothie. Add raw cocoa nibs for a little crunch, and enjoy the natural caffeine buzz. The key is to add one cup of spinach, kale, or romaine to your smoothies, a cup of frozen berries (low sugar) and a tbsp. of your favorite nut butter (i.e. cashew or almond butter).

This example will do two things: 
A. You will start to create a new healthy habit by reaching for a delicious sweet smoothie instead of a Snickers bar or homemade brownie when you feel the need to snack. As a result, you will change what you crave by changing the ratio of good bacteria to bad bacteria in the gut. A nutritiously dense smoothie will feed the good bacteria and crowd out the bad!

B. You will start to re-train your mind because when you DO have that craving, instead of reaching for something unhealthy, you can train your brain to fall in love with something healthier. It works!

I call this a “two-fer”…you get two benefits for implementing one change by shifting the chemistry in your brain and your gut. 

4. Detoxify: Enjoy guilty pleasures. Why? Because life is short and lovely. What would make life more pleasurable? Maybe some dark chocolate? Or a guilt free happy hour? 

You don’t have to be “all in” to win when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. You just need to understand that you have to let your body and mind rest and reset on occasion. It could be 24 hours, 7 days, or 21 days on a regular basis.

A detox allows you to enjoy things you love, without feeling guilty later.

There are tools that you can implement after your happy hour to move toxins out immediately and there are tools that can stimulate healthy cell renewal for your skin, improve your gut lining, nourish your adrenals, and regulate your hormones! 

We will expand on all 4 tips in my 21-Day Detox. I empower you to take control of your diet and unhealthy habits once and for all and learn to love your body.

No one fails in the detox, it’s about setting up baby steps + baby wins to make small but impactful changes that you can sustain, long after the detox is over.

Click here to reserve your spot today!

You won’t want to miss this!

3 Common Mistakes to Lose Weight and How to Avoid Them

I catch myself doing things backwards in love, work, play, and relationships. My recovering perfectionist laughs now and is able to let go and embrace the potential new ways that each experience brings.

We all have our strengths and so I am grateful when someone can show me a more direct, less uncomfortable approach to help support me in reaching my goals.

I want to share the three most common mistakes I see with people on their journey with weight loss.

Let’s face it, losing weight is the most common goal I see, hear, and read about. Male or female, we would all like to ditch a few of those pounds around the waist, and honestly the older we get, the more stubborn they become!

#1. They don’t Break-the-fast. In my world, breakfast is the most important meal. You have been fasting all night long, regenerating your precious body. When you get going in the morning, you have to give it fuel. If you don’t, your body will start to burn muscle instead of fat. IT’S TRUE! Your body will think you are trying to starve it and hold on to the fat because your body can live much longer on fat alone.

Sadly….a banana does not count as breakfast. A banana will spike your blood sugar levels because it is a high glycemic food and without protein or fiber, your body will release cortisol, your stress hormone.

Guess where we store that friendly stress hormone cortisol? Yep, the waistline…the dreaded muffin top! This is a lifestyle habit I can help you transform!

In my 21-Day Detox program we explore healthy but quick recipes to balance blood sugar levels, break the fast, and start your day with your body burning fat right out of the gate.

With over 60 recipes, I will show you how certain foods along with fat-burning tips can help you to keep burning fat all day long.

#2. They count calories instead of quality of food. I am not a calorie counter, never have been and likely never will be. It is the quality of your food that is important. Whole foods will nourish your body with micronutrients (vitamins and trace minerals) we need to function on all levels.

Losing weight, sleeping better, and decreasing anxiety can all be improved from the micronutrition found in whole foods.

I have seen clients get caught up in foods with a vanishing calorie density. What the heck is that? 

Think of food that “melts in your mouth”, where you can’t have just one. Your potato chips, Cheetos, pretzels…anything that just doesn’t seem to fill you up and leave you satiated. It’s because it can’t. We will explore this topic more in our Live Zoom calls in the 21-Day Detox program.

These foods are engineered by food scientists and when you eat these processed foods, it creates habits and biofeedback loops in the brain that create cravings. Hence, we develop bad habits like late night snacking at the computer. It has less to do with willpower.

My new fall program will help educate you on where cravings happen, why you have them, and how to rewire your brain for healthy habits that will last. Learn more here.

#3. They do it alone. I struggled for almost 20 years by myself! The first 10 years were definitely the hardest. There were no health coaches. Functional medicine doctors that work with food as medicine were few and hard to come by, and not covered by insurance.

I did it alone…and you, my friend, don’t have to!

It took me 20 years instead of perhaps months to figure out which foods were working for me and which foods weren’t.

Find a friend who has similar goals and partner up to hold each other accountable. Ask your spouse, your child, best friend, or someone to support you. Accountability breeds results.

You will find the accountability and support from a like-minded community in my 21-Day Detox starting on Thursday September 6th.

BONUS: Grab a friend and get two for one pricing, just email me here for deets. Now that’s double the accountability to ensure success! 

No one fails in my programs. We create baby goals that allow you to win no matter what. That’s why I personally connect with each of my participants prior to the program to get these steps in place. 

My group coaching style will gently but firmly help you to stay engaged and get results. A group program is where people get exponential results…we are all in it together!

My new fall 21-Day Detox program is packed with over 17 years of experience and juicy content. Just to give you a sneak peek….

  • Over 60 healthy + delicious recipes and meal plans
  • Live group coaching calls to get your questions answered
  • Learn how to use PH testing to guide your eating habits

I can show you how to break free from cravings, feel lighter, more confident, and healthier with your decisions to create a healthier life for yourself.

If you want a partner to help you take charge of your health, feel good in your body again, take a peek here.

Love ya big,

Shannon Lee

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing…

I know that you might be struggling with cravings and I get it. I want you to know that cravings are normal. It’s one way our bodies can signal that we are out of balance in some way.

Whether you are craving sugar, salty snacks, scrumptious carbs, love & affection, drugs, or even alcohol to decompress at the end of the day…our cravings are at an all-time high!

Our bodies are always trying to bring us back into homeostasis. Food cravings can signal where we are lacking in a mineral, vitamin, or even water deficiency.

Emotional and physical cravings can show us places where we need to give ourselves more attention and love. We need tools to help us stop looking outside of ourselves to fill the hole.

One thing I know is that hunger and cravings are NOT the same thing nor do they happen in the same place.

Hunger takes place in the stomach. Cravings take place in the brain and this is so important when it comes to sustaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Being a sugar addict and adrenaline junkie until I was 28 has taught me empathy and tools to help others in all areas of their lives. Now I don’t just mean chocolate or lattes but also cravings for social media, Netflix, or shopping on Zappos for those perfect shoes.

We tend to ourselves by trying to fill a hole…because YES we are human and we have needs!

Over the next few weeks, you will hear from me just a couple times a week with new and exciting details of my upcoming program.

I’ll be sharing case studies, some really epic blog posts, and some previews of what’s to come, including new content to give you new tools for being the healthiest and happiest version of you.

I help my clients get out of being overwhelmed and into a state of confidence and knowing what is right for their body because let’s face it, there isn’t one “fix all” diet, pill or book!

I help them learn how to implement the right tools for eating foods that fuel their body instead of causing inflammation…without feeling deprived.

Inflammation leads to chronic allergies, headaches, poor sleep, metabolism issues, digestion problems, belly fat, depression, a lack of self-love, and much more.

I teach you with the same tools that I taught myself as I struggled for almost 20 years!

I understand how it can be hard to even trust yourself when it comes to eating sugar, processed foods, and addictive poor lifestyle habits because I have been there. I have seen it time and time again with my clients and I know that with baby steps, you can make change.

You have to commit and trust in yourself but you also must have the tools you need to succeed.

In my new fall program, we will discuss new concepts like the ARN (AppetiteRegulating Neural Network) and hormones that control our appetite and cravings to better understand cravings so you can see them in a whole new way.

Did you know 80-90% of your serotonin is created in the gut? This is the brain chemical that helps us feel good in your body…and I want you to feel good in that beautiful body of yours! 

And that’s what I have created for youA program to give you the tools to understand your cravings, take control of your health, and fall in love with your body again.

If you can’t trust in yourself that you can do it, you can borrow my faith in you and we will do it together.

It’s SO much easier to do it with someone, which is why my clients have so much success with my detoxes and sign up every season.

My 21-Day SOAR Detox program will provide you with tools for:

  • Quality sleep from balanced sugar levels
  • Beating your afternoon energy slumps without sugar or caffeine
  • Understanding of your cravings
  • Losing those last few lingering pounds
  • How to love that body of yours again and feel good in it
  • 5 minute rituals: reduce stress, train your mind, and feel peace
  • Stopping procrastination dead in its tracks
  • How to nurture love for your body again

Here are the juicy details of what you’ll be getting:
(Click here for a full description of the detox materials)

  • SOAR 21-Day Guide: A step-by-step manual that’s chock-full of everything you need to know to detox in a safe and natural way…
  • SOAR 21-Day Suggested Meal Plans: Family friendly…
  • SOAR 21-Day Daily Protocol Guide & Checklist: A day-by-day protocol checklist for your entire detox….
  • SOAR 21-Day Shopping List: Shopping made easy….
  • Detox Prep Guide: Planning, shopping and proper mindset work..
  • Detox Food Diary: Keep track of how you’re feeling….
  • SOAR 21-Day Recipe Guide: Over 60 scrumptious recipes
  • Detox Tips and Tools: Tools to help cleanse your body of toxins..
  • PH Testing Guide: Learn how/why an alkaline diet can be beneficial
  • Beating Sugar Guides: Teach you what you need to know about finding, avoiding and replacing the harmful sugars in your diet.
  • Private Facebook forum: Be a part of a community of like-minded women who can offer support and encouragement during and long after the program ends.

*Bonus: More Live Group and 1:1 coaching time with me, than ever!

1. At least 5 live Zoom calls where we explore the science behind cravings and get you motivated, answer questions, and help you get the support and education you need.
2. Customized 30 min 1:1 remote strategy session for your next customized steps to help you keep getting results long after the detox is over.

If you’re ready to up level your health, click here to enroll!

You’ll get all the keys behind the science of cravings, tools to help you understand them, change them, and how to manage them. You will also begin to learn what foods work for YOU and YOUR body.

I will only be offering the 21-Day Detox until September 2nd at an EARLY BIRD SPECIAL rate of $247. After that, the price will be $297.

Let’s do this! Enroll now!

Can’t wait to help you take control of your health, rise up and SOAR!

Love ya big,

Shannon Lee


Imagine Getting Out Of Your Own Way…

With summer behind us, we are leaving our carefree attitudes and playfulness and shifting into a season that is more introspective. The fall is a time of honing our communication skills, getting organized, and setting boundaries to honor ourselves.

This is the perfect time to honor your body and create non-negotiables that align with what you want to create in that beautiful body of yours in the upcoming months. 

Maybe it’s your children’s Oreos that keep making their way to your nightstand or maybe it’s how badly you want to start a regular morning meditation, but technology keeps getting in the way.

What if you could move into fall feeling in control and organized with your health goals and how you feel in your body? 

What if you could get out of your own way and no longer procrastinate on taking care of your body and mind? Set up for success…with healthy eating, rituals to build your confidence in living a healthy lifestyle, and even tools for loving your body every day?

I had a client tell me this past weekend that the grocery store is just overwhelming which can make it a bear to shop and eat in a healthy way.

I know I want to get in and get out of the grocery store and feel accomplished and not overwhelmed. It’s something we have to do…think of it as a ritual for nourishing that fabulous body of yours.

I have new tools you need to help you save time and frustration on your journey to healthy living and understanding what works for you!

I am excited to be finalizing a fall program that can help you with setting your mindset, self-love, shopping, healthy eating, intuitive development, and creating rituals that will align you in all areas of your life.

Listen, I struggled with addictions to processed foods, habits that were not serving me, and emotional trauma that left me feeling unworthy of love, money, or a job I truly loved. And…I was addicted to processed foods and sugar until I was 25 years old.

I know what it feels like to have cravings that beat you up from the inside out, whether it’s alcohol to decompress or an afternoon latte to get you through another deadline. 

I had a myriad of symptoms from acne, belly bloat, depression, anxiety, trouble sleeping, and wild mood swings. It’s not always about willpower my friend, so cut yourself some slack!

You need the science behind what’s going on in your gut that can trigger us emotionally and the tools that can physically and emotionally make those decisions easier for you.

Have you heard of a neurotransmitter cocktail? It’s time to understand how certain habits, food, sex, stress, play, meditation, and sleep effect that brain of yours so you can optimize getting the healthy body that you crave.

How about getting your brain and your body working together, on the same team? Voila! Now we are talking about a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable.

I have been diving deep into the science behind the brain, cravings, longings, and much more and I am so excited to share with you!

And…. my clients are having major breakthroughs in self-love, breaking bad habits they have had for years, and not to mention finding the ideal shape and size they love. 

So, as we approach fall, what kind of results with your health would make you one happy camper?  What are you struggling with? 

Email me here and let me know.

The secret to rocking fitness for the long haul

The past month I have been resting from exercise and allowing parts of my body to heal so I could get back to teaching Bodyflow, rock climbing, and doing things I love.


It’s been difficult to say the least as we all know that exercise is not only good for our bodies, but keeps our mind in a positive healthy place.


When we exercise we feel confident and powerful….we are Warriors!


Have you ever committed to a workout or fitness program and thought you would love it, and in fact didn’t love it at all, and then felt like a failure?


I have felt out of sorts with my body, both emotionally and physically, but I knew I had some overuse issues in my chest that needed to heal once and for all.


I had moments of frustration, but I was able to have more compassion for my body this time around. This isn’t the first time I have had overuse issues, so it was lovely to see how I have grown and how much more love and respect I have for my vehicle on this sweet Earth.


It feels so good to be back and as I explore new workouts that can support me for the long haul, I am reminded how we always need to revisit our bodies and our hearts when it comes to fitness.


Just as we need to revisit our food and diet, we need to look at how our body is responding to our workout. If you are suspecting your body is unhappy with your choice of workout right now then…


Ask yourself some questions:

Is this workout still serving me?

Is there more harm than good happening in my body?

How is my sleep after I workout?

How do I look and feel in my body after I do this workout?

Is there a part of the workout that could be hindering me in my day-to-day life?


These are some of the questions I have been exploring over the last month as I try to uncover why I have been having hypermobility in my chest (yes I know, my dear heart chakra).


This is an area I have been trying to open up (my heart) for over 10 years now, since the loss of my relationship to my fiancé and the passing of my father.


That was an all time low when I honestly didn’t ever want to love again. What was the point of it all?


And once again, getting on the mat saved my life.


Bodyflow, in fact, made me feel fierce, alive, and strong when I felt so weak. The meditation at the end opened up my heart and my eyes to buckets of tears to help me move forward and consider opening my heart again.


Les Mills is now offering Bodyflow classes in an online format, you can enjoy from home here for as little as $10/month. There is also a free trial you can check out.


10 years later I still love and enjoy Bodyflow and rock climbing and they both seem to suit my body well.


I have been considering a new training to take on so I can offer more classes and move my body in a new way….and the verdict is in!




I am going to be a PoundFit Pro on Sunday, and I am so excited to release my inner rock star.


Have I ever mentioned that I have always dreamed of being a rock star?


You can watch a sweet video for yourself here and I would love to hear if it awakens an inner rock star in you…please email me and let me know!


I had a friend email me this workout over a year ago, raving about it and saying, “Girlfriend, I know this is for you!” I have been patiently waiting for a training and the right time and voila it is here!


Bonus…I have a class tentatively scheduled for noon on Mondays at Gold’s Gym this fall.


But the real bonus is that I will be able to offer my class in any setting, churches, any fitness studio, homes, schools for kids, and senior centers. That is what is making my heart sing!


In this exploration of how to better serve my body instead of being so frustrated with it when I can‘t do the things I love, I am learning to listen.


One thing I know for sure, is the secret to fitness for the long haul, is finding something you love to do and do it!


I know I don’t like machines or weights – this I know is the truth!


For me to try and commit to that kind of program for the long haul is setting myself up for failure. (Ok I tried before my yoga teaching days and failed miserably)


On the other hand, I have clients that absolutely love popping in their ear buds and rocking their circuit training in about half an hour and can’t get enough of it.


You don’t want to feel like every time you go to work out, it’s a drag and you are over-efforting to get there.


Sometimes it may be tough, but overall, you want to look forward to your workout.


So me being a closet rock star and wanting to pound drums, sing, and turn it up, I find Poundfit to be right up my alley and I am so excited to bring this into my life, share with my community, and to add variety to my workout and cardio.


I don’t get enough cardio and that was one thing I was looking for in my new training. AND no weights or push-ups to really offer support to my overworked pectoral muscles. Sigh…I wondered if I would ever find a solution.


I encourage you to look high and low if you need to…get online and Google what you like to do, and I would be willing to bet you will find a class for you.


If you feel challenged and are unsure what you would like to do, let’s chat. This is my thing; I can help you find something to motivate you…that I can assure you!


Move into your uncomfortable zone and go for it. That body of yours is counting on you!


I hope you have a great weekend and get outside and move that body today.


Love ya big,


Shannon Lee

Flirting With the Divine Feminine

It’s mid-summer, the heat is on and the motivation to start new healthy habits is low. How do we rekindle the playfulness we once felt frolicking in the water?


I hear that some relationships are fulfilling and passionate and some are struggling. The fire is out, the days of flirting and teasing with your partner are numbered and more marriages are becoming a comfortable roommate situation.


Is there a part of you that longs to be desired and feel like the sexy kitten or wild tiger that you know you are or maybe once were?


I had an A-ha this weekend celebrating my 46th birthday, as I explored different parts of myself. I reflected on aspects of myself that had been repressed for many years because of cultural norms, and how we are told we should behave in this world.


I have always been noted by my friends and lovers as sassy and sweet, loving but wild, and even a bit of a tease.


“A tough butterfly to catch” said a friend in response to my choice to be single for many years as I nurtured my heart and soul to prepare myself to fully be in a relationship with another.


I have felt untamable in relationships before, not wanting anyone to ever tell me what to do. Righteous perhaps.


It was my way or the highway. I was scared to really open my heart because of so many wounds from experiences of feeling unloved and abandoned when I expressed myself fully.


I have softened over the years and have learned to receive in ways that have opened my heart to new dimensions and now my heart pours out with so much love it brings me random tears of joy that I am still trying to understand.


My nurturing side has won people over. In the past, in my attempts for self-preservation, I came across strong, bold, unladylike, flirtatious, too forward, and abrasive. My motto was, “I got this!”


In an attempt to be more accepted and more available for a partnership, I started to phase out the wild, flirtatious, brutally honest side of myself in my thirties.


In this process, I had kind of left the tiger behind. I saved it for the great outdoors and rock climbing because that’s where it would be appropriate to be so strong, dominating, bold, and aggressive.


As I collaborate with other authors on my first book, I am asked to dig deep into the sacred wisdom of the body, and how it relates to our health and the divine feminine. (Coming in November!)


I see so much resistance to change when it comes to our eating and lifestyle habits.

Some of my clients want change so bad, but the resistance and fear are so strong they give up or fall off track because we are so used to being comfortable and well, that’s just plain easier.


I had a friend call me flirtatious last week as an explanation for why I meet people both socially and romantically with ease and I noticed it triggered shame because we have been taught that it’s not ok.


So, I tapped into an old side of myself this weekend, the flirtatious, unfiltered, wild one that had been left behind for over a decade and realized how many women could nurture themselves and their relationships by just stepping into loving themselves more fully.


The flirtatious feminine side that teases, “wags her tail”, stands in her power of beauty and glory knows she is perfect exactly as she is….and when in that place is SO desired, beautiful and respected.


Not just by a partner, but by everyone – it spreads like fire.


The energy of the divine feminine is felt in public, which can spark a divine meeting. It is felt in tribes, sisterhoods, communities, and other women want it, but may have trouble even putting a label on it.


On my trip to Peru, all of the women in the mastermind played one of my favorite games for getting to know each other – Sparked.


The question was “when do you feel the most beautiful?”


I had been in a bit of a rough spot this spring with feelings of over-efforting and wanting more ease and grace in all areas of my life. I could feel the old bully in me rearing its ugly head to chastise me for choices I had made instead of gently allowing me to be courageous, take risk, and live bravely.


So I started telling myself everyday, multiple times a day, I love you Shannon Lee.


The frustration and disappointment, and the bully all started to disappear, at this point; I had been practicing intense self-love for just a couple of weeks.


So when it was my turn to answer, “When do I feel most beautiful?”, I shared that it was right when I got out of the shower, and I looked at myself in the mirror. Naked and vulnerable, with all of my imperfections and every decision ever made stored in every cell of my body.


I have listened to my clients over 15 years and I hear so much pain when it comes to looking in the mirror and I want to help heal the pain and bring more love to you.


How do you feel when you get out of the shower and take a look at that beautiful person in the mirror?


Do you feel love? Compassion? Sexy?


Or do you feel betrayal? Frustration? Disappointment?


Are you upset because that little tummy roll keeps getting your attention no matter how healthy you eat and how much you work out? And you just plain hate your middle section?


Or are you pissed off and wondering what product is really going to take those lines away from your lips and eyes. Wondering perhaps how and when did that even happen anyways?


The language you use with yourself is the energetic outfit you take into the world into every relationship you encounter, everyday.


This is where the rubber meets the road, spiritually speaking.


One thing I know for sure is that all conscious women have a deep burning desire to be seen, loved, valued, respected, and often caressed. We long for love, affection, belonging, and intimacy on all levels.


And I know that if we don’t love ourselves first, more than anyone ever could, no one else can. I also know that the more we love ourselves, the more attractive, sexy, divine, powerful, and beautiful we become.


With or without the gluten ladies. You can make a difference in your body just by how you talk to yourself.


Why wait for anything, or anyone before you feel Hot, Worthy, and Sexy?


If you are resisting changing your diet and looking at your foods and lifestyle choices, but you are still longing, you can start to consider how you can flirt with your divine femininity and embrace you exactly where you are.


The beauty is that we can all have it…it’s our divine right.


And if you feel like you don’t have it all, take a look at what you are resisting about yourself. What parts of you are you beating yourself up about?


When you start to love all parts of you, you can start to change from the inside out, and what you want on the outside will be happy to show up for you when you treat yourself with the love and respect you deserve.


So go ahead and flirt, show off that divine beautiful tiger inside that will light a fire behind every step you take.


When we go around looking for someone else to fill our love tank, relationships fail, energies collide, and a sea of emotional chaos becomes full of judgement instead of love.


Embrace the divine feminine within you, change the way you show up in the world, and be a part of the love revolution.


It all starts with you.


I challenge you to say “I love you” to yourself in the mirror everyday for the next 7 days and share with me how you feel after a week. I can’t wait to hear how this one simple affirmation can start to change things in every area of your life.


Love ya big,


Shannon Lee



My #1 Travel Tip to Stay on Track

It feels so good to be home and reconnecting with my clients. So many of us are traveling and getting out of our comfort zone and experiencing anxiety about what to eat on the road.


I have to admit, I was a little nervous about traveling to Peru recently and eating vegetarian for an extended period of time at a retreat center. Especially knowing we were going to be climbing mountains and hiking ruins!


I was fearful of how I would have enough energy, and where would I get my protein from?


As you can see in the picture here, I loaded up on some simple and lightweight foods that would pack a punch while I was traveling and burning a bunch of energy.


Grass fed beef jerky is one of my favorite and easy to pack protein sources for when I am traveling and need some clean protein. Nitrate free salami is also great for while you are traveling because it isn’t likely (not yet) that you will find local hormone free meat at the airport.


My favorite airport meal I like to throw together for my travel day is to bring some Simple Mills GF crackers from home and salami and grab a salad (which is often organic) at the airport.


I always get my dressing on the side so I can decide how much once I read what is in it, and if it is a sit down restaurant I just ask them to bring me some olive oil with sea salt and a lemon. Ta-Da!


RX Bars are another one of my top travel picks. It’s easy to become reliant on these because they are delicious, but it’s important to save them for emergency only. Really 😛


Although the ingredients are clean, it is still processed and a whole food snack like an apple with almond butter or carrots and pea dip would be far more nutritious for you.


In planning for my trip, I suspected I would have an “oops” moment when I would know that I accidently had something that was not going to land well in my digestive system.


One of my go-to’s for travel is activated charcoal because of its incredible ability to bind and capture all toxins in the body.


It’s perfect for food poisoning, stomach bug, accidental gluten encounter, post alcohol, and for everyday detoxification. Charcoal has been used for years traditionally in many cultures and in hospitals for patients that have overdosed on drugs.


It is SO incredibly useful while traveling in case you accidentally had gluten in a salad dressing and realize it immediately, or in the event you accidently had two margaritas. Ok that is not likely an accident, but this is a great tool to clean that up in your body.


Charcoal can help remove the toxins in alcohol when you have enjoyed one too many beverages this summer and also can bind to gluten and casein for those of you with sensitivities.


I get the questions often of how often can I take charcoal? You can take it as needed, and some functional medicine doctors even approve of it for daily use to help in detoxification.


I also get asked the question; will it also absorb nutrients, medications, and supplements? The answer is YES! It will remove any supplements, medications, vitamins, or minerals that are in the body as well. Dr. Amy Myers recommends taking your supplements an hour before taking charcoal, including probiotics.


I try to minimize the number of supplements I take each day. I think the body becomes reliant on them to help it do what it innately knows how to do so my focus is on making sure that everything is highly functioning without supplementation.


Juice Plus+ is simply food and the only product I take each day for my back up plan. It bridges the gap between what I am “supposed to eat everyday” and what I do eat. Although I eat super clean, having the variety of 30 fruits, veggies and berries in my diet everyday is unbeatable and is rebuilding my immune system inside and out everyday.


However that being said, charcoal is great as needed, for the “oops” or post happy hour cleanup, but is also recommended by Dr. Amy Myers for daily use to help assist with detoxification.


She recommends 2 capsules in the morning on an empty stomach, and building up to 2 more in the evening on an empty stomach.


The real bonus is that if you are struggling with mold issues, heavy metals, and die off from candida or SIBO symptoms, activated charcoal can bind to these toxins and safely remove them from the body.


You can learn more here and watch her short video to learn how the process works in your body.


What other challenges do you have when it comes to travel? I would love to support you. Just email me here and fire away!


Love ya big,


Shannon Lee


*Source for activated charcoal info