What is Your LEGACY for this Season?

The highlight of my week was going to hear Katherine Lee (founder of www.purehopefoundation.com) and hearing her story, and how we all can design our own life.  Fall is a difficult time for me as my mother, father, and grandfather’s memorials were also in the fall. So I have been going thru my mothers home for the last time, in preparing to sell her home, and considering the legacy she left, the legacy of my father and my grandfather. It’s easy to get caught up in this big almighty purpose that we are “supposed” to have, if you believe in that thinking, but simply put a legacy can also change with the seasons.  Gratitude for what we have will continue to allow for this legacy to expand and evolve. So I invested in myself to hear how I can design my own life and leave a legacy and consider what that might look like. Here are highlights from her talk..

so we all have needs: called making a living

we all have desires: called creating a lifestyle

and we all can leave a legacy: something beyond yourself


Frazzeled brain? This is something we all get, aka brain fog, inability to focus, etc.  we need laser focus on what we want, and yes what we want to attract, to help keep our eye on the prize. You know once you decide on the car, make, model, and even color, you start seeing it everywhere! This is laser focus, your brain highly functioning on one thing…it is true we suck at multitasking, ok I can only speak for myself, and I suck at multitasking.

And as you become clear on your legacy, it is easy to get caught up in failure, and setbacks. Setbacks are even progress, because your out of your comfort zone, challenging yourself, or else you wouldn’t be failing.

So that is what I have been up to for the last month since the anniversary of my mom and dad’s memorials, when all these wounds got reopened and left me feeling saddened with failure again, because I couldn’t save either one of them. I’m learning to face my fears, ask for help, and keep moving forward with my mission. Your team that matters will support you and love you even when you screw up, and those that don’t, don’t matter, and never really loved you to begin with.  So I am learning how people, loved ones and toxic ones, all play into how your legacy expands, evolves, and becomes your purpose.

So to wrap up with some hope and light, I know that they are always with me, laughing and smiling with me in my best times, and holding me near thru my challenges.  Each year is easier, I smile more and cry less, and move towards celebrating their successes and now mine, that they were a part of.

My fall gift to you, is a complimentary biofeedback sample session. Best way I can describe it to those that know nothing about it, as one client described….”it’s like having therapy on a cellular level, except you don’t talk about the events, trauma, or pain.  You just relax and let go of all that has become a burden.” You can watch this short video here to learn more if you have a science driven mind.

Please go here to register now by 11/15/14

I am so excited to share this with you….Shannon lee


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