What if you Could Transform in 30 Days? Can you Commit?

My goal in my Transform30 experience was to “ease” in to the program for a week prior and “ease” out of the program for a week, making it a 6 week program. This is also the time it takes to cleanse and detox your liver cells.

It has been a gentle cleanse on my digestive system. I feel lighter, cleaner, and am glowing inside and out. My energy has increased, I am sleeping better, and now my clothes are fitting better and buying some new ones in hopes that this is permanent!

I do not own a scale because I measure things with how my clothes fit, can you relate to this? How do you measure weight loss or improved health?

The BIG thing I noticed is that my belly has flattened due to the elimination of my inflammation. Previously I was unable to do any core workouts, because of a back injury this summer, so the only core workout I have been able to do was engaging my core while i was walking everyday (this works, gotta try it!).

So my stomach has definition and feels tight, inflammation decreased!

Other benefits:
easy shopping
cheaper groceries
easy cleanup
more muscle mass (with less work, HA!)
reduced fat
pants one size smaller, but still got my Boot-e!
less time cooking equals more time for me

SO what do you want to give up for a transformation, in you, for 30 days?

Other suggestions for best results:
Zero wheat and Zero Dairy
One simple change (drink more water, exercise for 30 mins a day, no diet coke, bed by 10pm, dinner by 7pm…You make the rule!)

Watch this short video from the creator of this program and learn why why why we must cleanse with plants everyday!!

Dr Mitra Ray, my mentor and founder of Transform30

Dr. Mitra Ray
Transform 30 – Juice Plus+

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If you have done Transform30, share your results below, or if you have questions, ask away. We are here to support you, rock on with your bad self.

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