A Foundation for Transformation is Born!

How do you feel at the end of another year?  Have you taken the time to look at your accomplishments? What are you proud of emotionally, physically, and spiritually?  What got over looked, that you didn’t quite get to?  AND….

where do you want to be at the end of December 2015? Intention with attention equals personal success and fulfillment…and a “whole lotta love” makes it warm and fuzzy in the process!

DRUMROLL…Introducing the ROSE OF SHARON FOUNDATION.  A Not for Profit Foundation created to educate, empower, and inspire individuals and families to take charge of their health. It was created to honor my mom, Sharon Nickerson, who demonstrated such love, courage, and faith during her walk (actually she danced most of the time) with us.

My mission is to empower 15,000 lives in a positive & healthy way. Inspiring people to pursue their dreams with the highest quality of life as possible so they can live life with infinite possibilities, passion, and purpose.  This newsletter will be sent monthly thru the Rose of Sharon Foundation, by Shannon Nickerson, (moi) founder and proud daughter.  Now as Sharon would say with a smile, “SHANNON LEE”, whenever I would go on and on “blowing my horn” as she would call it.  SO I’ll stop, read on to learn how you can recieve a complimentary service from me below and enjoy.

Happy Holy Days and Horn blowing!


My Health Coaching Programs emphasize the importance of diet and managing your stress & learning how they both can affect your immune system.  I specialize in coaching women with poor digestion, arthritis, allergies, constipation and whacked out hormones.  I educate them on how to improve their regularity, reduce aches and pains, decrease inflammation in the body, and learn how to smile during the roller coaster hormone ride.

One hour Complimentary
Break thru Consulting session
when you book by 12/31/14!
Click here

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Take Action
 Take Charge of your health Today

Are you Tired of being sick and tired?
Not sleeping well?
Energy slump mid afternoon?
Is your libido out the door, or on the floor?
Let’s explore and break thru to a NEW YOU!

Sign up today and get 25% off my group or individual health coaching program!

Yours in Health
Love ya big

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