Are you playing a bigger game?

As I write, snowflakes are falling and I am in flannel lined jeans in my office. January and February are always a time for reflection and going deep. I found it harder to get still this winter as I have decided to play a bigger game and “be seen” which has left me vulnerable with a long to do list. The good news is – I have more tools to help manage my stress and keep things in check, including a new hot tub that is being delivered today. Self care…CHECK!


I have found new tools to manage my stress and use in my coaching programs, that have been really fun, creative, and effective. I have used the adult coloring books that claim they reduce stress and anxiety. They’re awesome! If you haven’t tried coloring yet, go get one today!

I have been working with my Biofeedback machine, the INFINITY, for balancing my personal stress twice a week, but also for balancing my chakras. I had a profound reading by the talented medium, Janet Raftis, on Valentine’s Day that was spot on. I had found that no matter how often I practiced positive affirmations, prayers, and meditation, I still needed a shift on a much deeper level.

Have you ever felt like that?

I felt like I was stuck in many areas of my life and I desperately needed a shift. I couldn’t eat, think, or move my way out of it. I learned that I am incredibly intuitive. Actually,I have always known that but have been afraid of it. This sense of overwhelm that I thought was from grief was actually from a lack of stability and solid foundation in my life – which has been tricky since the loss of my parents but truly started much earlier in my life.

I have since been implementing exercises to feel more secure in my work, relationships, and day to day life. I realized this sense of “overwhelm” was really just being top heavy in my chakras. What this equates to is: wide open spiritually, emotionally, and verbally…HA THAT’S ME, with a lack of solid, supporting, and grounding foundation.

This really resonated with me because of all of the moving I have done in my life, moving every few years growing up, and then continuing on into my adult life as I moved all over the country. Each time I moved I lost that sense of stability, some friendships, and had to constantly adapt. Meanwhile, I was creating a world of emotional stress for me on a subconscious level. Sure makes you wonder why would I do that to myself, right? Well I convinced myself I loved it, and I did on some level, but it had left a serious mark on this woman. My A-ha was that this must explain my intensity around rock climbing. It’s the sure footedness I can control. It makes total sense now that this has been my “go to” in managing the ups and downs of life.

I feel grateful to have many tools to balance myself, with the INFINITY being one of my favorites. Now with this valuable information on my energetic body, I can fine tune my biofeedback sessions to balance the stress energetically. Throw in some coloring books, a hot tub, my altar, and some meditation and just wait ‘til you see what’s coming up! I am 43 and just getting started!

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