Faith and the Law of Attraction

One of my favorite things is acting on an intuitive nudge and watching magic unfold. Napoleon Hill says that to some degree we all suffer from lack of self-confidence. His formula to overcome this, and which many top coaches in mindset work are using, is to use the power of autosuggestion: positive affirmations put in writing, memorized, and repeated everyday until they become part of your subconscious mind.

Sounds simple right? Let me take it back one more step to the “ether”; the medium through which all things are created, connected, and interconnected. You, your thoughts, your body, the ether, and everything in the universe are all different forms of energy.

So how do our nudges play a part in all this? Great question! The matrix that connects us to the ether and all things connected is the infinite intelligence that we all have the power to tap into. This intelligence acts as a radio antennae picking up stray radio waves.

We have all heard of the movie The Secret, which laid out some great foundational skills for manifestation, but a lot of people felt stymied when their brand new car didn’t show up.  A quick note on that is that the law of attraction doesn’t actually put dollar bills in your bank accounts or cars in your driveway, but the vivid images you create are burned into your subconscious where they connect with all the energy that is, and your mind starts coming up with ideas on how to make more money, buy that car or bump into that future soul mate you desire. Make sense?

Thinking positively and visualizing that which you desire creates attitudes and ideas so you can create what you want. It is your thinking that will prompt you to act and your actions that make the concrete things come true.

The key ingredient is to act on these intuitive nudges.

These hunches, or nudges, turn up in one of two ways. First, by taking bits and pieces in the subconscious mind and turning it into our thinking mind with ideas and flashes of inspiration. e.g. Maybe I should post where I am having lunch today, and then having a friend from out of town see your post and pop in for a squeeze.

Another way it might show up is by picking up stray radio waves about things you don’t know much about. Suddenly you hit the right frequency with outside thought waves and things show up in your life as premonitions or hunches, about things outside of your field of knowledge. e.g. Being at the right place at the right time for a new job opportunity.

The key to success is to understand that self-confidence, faith, and belief in your ability can all be achieved through positive affirmations and visualizations.

The affirmations are the positive thoughts around what you want to create. The repetition of these thoughts will eventually wear down the old beliefs, creating a new pathway for your new belief to stick and become your reality.

Visualizations can be somewhat tricky, especially if you are stuck in a limited belief. For example, it may be difficult to actually visualize yourself thin, sleeping 8 hours a night, and looking refreshed everyday if you truly don’t believe it is possible or that you deserve it.

Visualizations are the movies running through our minds all the time. First thing when we wake up and last thing before we fall asleep. These movies are what create our reality. You want to bring emotion into these mental movies because the more emotion, the more real it becomes for your subconscious mind and the result is self-confidence that you will have the movie you are creating.

The brain doesn’t know the difference between reality and imagination, which is why I can’t sit through violent movies and don’t want to.  You are what you think not just what you eat.

So give my worksheet a whirl for 30 days and see what you create. Make it simple and fun by starting off small.

Here’s how you use it:

1. Print the worksheet
2. Put pen to paper and write down one thing you want to create in each area of your life or you can choose just one thing to create in 30 days. e.g. Lose 5 lbs, meet a potential new soul mate, new job offer, 3 new customers.
3. Spend 5 min each morning reading your intentions and what you want to create. By repeating the audible words you create a certain vibration of sound in the subconscious mind. These vibrations make us are who we are.
4. Spend 5 min visualizing the person you will become when you create the thing you have written down. Create the mental picture.
5. Commit the positive affirmations and visualization of the new you to memory and repeat each day so that by your full faith it will gradually influence your thoughts and actions so you become self-reliant and successful.

I would love to hear what magic happens for you. Share your thoughts and experiences below!

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