5 Tips to Travel and Stay on Track

One of my favorite tools and habits for keeping myself grounded and in alignment with what I want to create in this world is getting on my mat no matter how far away I am from home.

In the last few years, I have traveled with my mat and each and every morning I maintain my commitment to at least 5 minutes first thing in the morning by sitting, breathing, and listening. Listening to whatever comes up. Asking how I can serve, and who? It varies day to day, but what I do is pause and listen. 

What a difference it has made in how I approach life, how I handle last minute changes in travel plans and in simply providing a comfortable place to feel safe when we feel so far away from home.

These days I always carry my travel yoga mat. Even if it does weigh 2lbs, I tug it along.

I take 5 minutes for a heavenly-guided day and this sets the tone each morning.  I learn places I should go, people I should reach out to and how I can best serve when I am just quiet and listening for a few minutes.

It made all the difference on my recent vacation to California when it came to challenges in my day and how I would face them. Especially if I wanted to create new results, I needed to do something different.

Here’s a picture from the San Fran airport where the “yoga room” was right next to my gate. This was such an amazing experience!

There I was doing the new Bodyflow 77 release in a beautiful dimly lit room with gorgeous hardwood floors, mats, blocks and a sound proof door. My heart and body just soaked up this experience!

My clients tell me all the time how they went on vacation and “fell off the wagon”. Or maybe a friend came to town so they got on their eating program instead of honoring their own. We have so many excuses to support us when we make unhealthy choices, the list goes on….

I started yoga about 16 years ago at the same time I started rock climbing. I thought they complimented each other perfectly…and still do! My practice has evolved into a 15-minute routine of moving my body, meditation and setting my intention for the day.

This is how I bookend my mornings…and it has become non-negotiable.

My clients ask me how they can “pause” during the day, and set aside time for themselves. 

Bookends (morning and evening routines) are the most effective way to start a healthy habit. Start with 5 minutes, if 15 feels like too much, and start with just once a week. Start to notice how it feels to “be” with yourself at the start of your day. Notice what thoughts come up.

Several years ago, I started with just 5 minutes a day 3 days a week and it grew to consistently 6 days at 15 minutes a day. I always use a timer to keep me on track so I can relax and trust I don’t need to be anywhere else.

These days after 15 minutes my timer is going off and I am feeling like I could sit for another 10 minutes! It all started with a baby step of just 5 minutes a day.

My 5 travel tips to keep you on track:

  1. Get a travel yoga mat. I got mine at TJ MAXX. No kidding $20 bucks. It’s a little heavy but so worth it. Prana has a great lightweight one as well.
  2. Take a small journal. Make sure it is light so when you can take 5 minutes, you can jot down notes. Your brain is empty of work (well, we hope) on vacation and a great time to take in new information. Give it some space!
  3. Take protein with you. My favorite is to take some pre-cooked nitrate free, hormone free bacon. Salami is my second favorite. And of course bars and apples are easy “go-to’s” when you are on the go. When you are full, you are less likely to order things that don’t serve you when you are sitting down to order at a restaurant.
  4. Take your hand blender for protein shakes. This takes up some space, but is so worth it. Again, have a shake every day and know you are doing one good thing a day for your body. Fueling it with micronutrition and clean protein is a must to keep you connected to your highest and divine self.
  5. Ear plugs. Really! More and more of us are becoming light sleepers as we rock on into the ages. This is a deal sealer to make sure you and your bestie (sleep) stay well connected while you travel.

What works for you? I would love to hear any tips that keep you on track or what snacks keep you fueled and make it easier to make healthy decisions while on vacation.

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