What if Love Wins?

As we pass through the last few weeks of summer, I think about where the time went. And what did I do with myself this summer?

I think about my highlights and lowlights, and I am not talking about hair color, but what really pushed me in a different direction. What really made my heart sing? Were the memories worth making?

According to the Huffington Post, only 1 in 3 Americans reported they were happy with their lives. This is our happiness index and WOW that kind of blew me away!

My clients come to me because they want to figure out how to get those last few stubborn pounds off and keep it off. But they stay with me because the weight represents more than just not knowing what to eat OR actually knowing what to eat and eating it anyways.

The self-sabotage – now that’s an even bigger struggle.

We want to feel complete, happy and healthy. I help people become their healthiest and happiest version of themselves so we can win in all areas of our lives.

What does that look like? More time with loved ones? Financial freedom? Doing that thing you are totally scared of, even if it means temporarily being alone, sad or fearful to bring you closer to your greatest good?

How do you start to make a shift when you are feeling stuck, sad, or incomplete?

Awareness for what you have, knowing what you want, and making a plan to take action to get what you want are all keys to success. This works every time.

Allow yourself to be sad and feel the sadness; the awareness is what generates the space to create something new and different for you.

And believe it or not, I see it and experience it time and time again…the cleaner you eat (less inflammatory foods in your body), the more you can “hear” and connect with that divine light within to help guide you to help see all the opportunities around you.

The doors are just waiting for you.

So sit in the sadness in the shade, call a friend and get some support, and then make a plan to shift things and move to the sunshine – your thinking, your situation, any and all of it. We are all equal here.

…………And then love will win.

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