The Shift is Real…

Staying connected to my highest and best self during challenging times is so important, especially in times of major astrological change. No big deal…we just had a lunar eclipse, solar eclipse, and now we’re just finishing Mercury in retrograde!

Yikes! What does all this mean and how is it affecting me? 

Eating healthy and connecting with your intuition, your higher self, is so crucial at this time – trusting that the universe always has your back no matter what. I find that how my clients eat during this time will either exacerbate or minimize the effects. Think heaven or hell.

I have a client who was incredibly unhappy in her job and with her weight. She felt a calling from the wellness industry but didn’t know how to get there and was addicted to sugar, carbs and processed foods.

She hired me to help her get off sugar….for good. However, in just a short 3 months she not only has lost weight and kicked sugar, but is now interviewing for an incredible job that would help her share her passion with the world. The shift is real….

Without all those processed foods in her system, she was better able to connect with her highest and best self and now she is moving into a career that she is passionate about and all the doors are wide open.

Sugar, fillers, additives, and processed foods can cause that highly functioning brain and body of yours to go haywire and negatively affect your body’s innate ability to be your authentic and best self.

One of the additives that we tend to see everywhere is maltodextrin, which can be derived from corn or wheat and can wreak havoc on the body and your endocrine system.

Other foods you may want to avoid at all costs would be, MSG (monosodium glutamine), HFCS, artificial sweeteners (splenda, aspartame, saccharin), hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils (peanut butter, safflower oil, canola oil, vegetable oil and margarine)…more on where to find these next month. 

4 reasons to read your labels and avoid additives and artificial sweeteners:

  1. Spikes your blood sugar level: Which will make you fat.
  2. Zero nutritional value: So why bother? Find something else with nutritional value like dark chocolate covered almonds that taste damn good!
  3. Likely from GMO corn: Clearly our bodies have no idea how to process manufactured foods at this point as we are faced with a pandemic of obesity.
  4. Negatively affects the neurotoxin system and our hormones: Think chemical warfare on our bodies and mental warfare on our minds affecting everyone else around you.
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