Winter is a season that requires much bravery from me in everything I do. The holidays sneak up and my heart weeps with unresolved wounds from the loss of my family and the loss of my parents. It’s also rock climbing season and one of my most favorite ways to spend time…which requires me to be physically brave! It’s also time to assess what went well in 2017 and celebrate… and create intention for the new year and ask myself where do I want to create more in my life?

The winter solstice had deep meaning for me this year. We had the last few days of Mercury in retrograde, which allowed me to ask for the divine assistance of the Roman God of Mercury. Mercury helps in providing assistance with boundaries, financial assistance, messages and communications just to name a few areas. Whoop Whoop!

In a divine relationship this week, where I needed clarity and support, I was able to call on him during a time where communications are so strained (well yes Mercury still in retrograde which can cause strains on all kinds of technology and communications). I had the opportunity to set boundaries in personal and professional relationships and see love instead of fear, and honor where each of us are on our path, and find peace with some parting of ways.

It was also an amazing opportunity to tell the universe…again, as it tested me over and over this week, what I LOVE in my relationships, and what I am still not willing to tolerate. Yes, it is important to understand that we can put our intentions out to the universe, but then you can bet we will be tested. The universe will send us a couple of curve balls to make sure we are really done with that old limiting belief that we want to move away from. SO interesting to watch.

And it is also a time of building and creation with the new moon this week, so reflecting on what has gone well and asking what have I manifested in my life and what have I learned. Whew, as if the longest day of the year and mercury in retrograde wasn’t enough, now let’s do some reflecting…right!?!

But this is such a beautiful time for rituals and setting the intention for HOW you want to show up in the world. Because at the end of the day, you are the one in control over that. You and only you. AND all of these energetic shifts give us the opportunity to reflect, grow, evolve and change.

Thursday 12/21 was the Winter Solstice and if you haven’t taken time to write out your intentions for this new moon and your reflections for 2017, it’s not too late.

Light a candle, grab your journal, and a pen. Let your pen do the writing, it’s your direct connection to your heart.

If you have never done this before, don’t fear. There is no wrong or right way to do this. Just light a candle, and ask to be shown “the highest and best path for me”.

Sit, breathe, play your favorite music, set a timer (if you need), and listen.

Praying is when we ask for help, what we want, where we need assistance. Whether it’s more money, time, love, like-minded friendships, an intimate relationship, a new puppy, a strong immune system, understanding, peace, grace, forgiveness…whatever weighs heavy on your heart.

Praying we know how to do!

But the power lies in the meditation, the sitting still and listening to the answers to our prayers. Trusting that inner voice, knowing there is no wrong way to sit and listen and leaning into the silence.

Trusting that the more you sit and listen, and act on your inner voice, the deeper your connection and bond with your highest and best self.

If you feel like you want guidance, then call on support from God, your angels, or use some tools like essential oils, tarot cards, or stones.

I love to deepen this experience with Angel Cards (by Doreen Virtue) or Medicine Cards for animal guidance as animals are part of Native American wisdom and have always been part of my path with my healers and teachers.

It takes courage to act on what you hear and more bravery. Often you are sitting and asking because you are at a crossroads. Sometimes you don’t like the answer you hear….

But you can…you can do it. Transformation comes by learning to get comfortable in the uncomfortableness. And trusting that the universe, god, the angels, whatever you believe in, all have your back in every situation.

Trusting that life is happening FOR you and not to you…for you are loved.

Understanding there will always be two paths, and trusting that the harder one is the one that will require you to be brave, trust more, love more, but also the one with the biggest rewards, the most joy, and the most fulfillment.

I hope you take time to sit and be with yourself today, and ask what serves your highest and best good in the year to come. Ask what do you need to know today…

Much love and Happy Holidays!