Post holiday can be such a hard time for many of us. We may go from completely surrounded by love in every minute to the grindstone and total solitude. And although both offer support and nurture our souls in different ways, it can leave us with this void.

Many of my clients try to fill this void with shopping, eating, working out, boobing out (yep on the TV), sex, social media, and whatever other ways numb our senses and keep us from hearing what we are really craving.

I support my clients with tools to help them move through the fear and come out transformed… physically, emotionally, and spiritually on the other side. YES!

As I shared before the holidays, I spent my first holidays alone, but not lonely! It was an amazing experience and allowed me to see my voids.

Now we move through January, a time when depression rates skyrocket as well as suicide rates. And many of us are experiencing loss and sadness of some kind.

I want to ensure that we all have tools to call on at this time.

Being still in the discomfort and pain, seeing where your void is and what you are longing for can be painful but transformative. It gives you a place to see where you can take action to get what you want.

Finally, good news…yes you can thrive from this place of darkness and move to the light!

The gift is seeing that this longing can only be found in yourself…which is what makes it really sweet.

You may want a new career to make you feel worthy, appreciated, or in service…or maybe it’s a romantic partnership you are finally ready for. Maybe you just find yourself pining for time together and the feelings of unconditional love, support, affection, and attention. Both desires can make you feel complete and whole.

I have been diving into this “sweet longing” and Darrell Scott wrote a beautiful song about it, you can find the lyrics here.

The truth is that the void can only be filled from within, by finding your worth and unconditional love for yourself.

Deepening that connection with yourself is the only “thing” that will fill the void. Meditation, reading inspiring books, and journaling are a few things you can do to start to unwind the flurry of thoughts.

Here is my New Moon Ritual video I hosted this week in case you missed it. It’s not too late to sit and set your intentions for the new moon.

After all this is the best time to drop old habits that are not serving you (maybe relationships, work, or any old ways of numbing out) and have an intention to honor yourself with new healthy habits and ways of Be-ing.