How do we get unstuck?

The brain is a powerful tool.


It’s complicated, and intricate and deserves respect.


Everyday we can consciously choose love or fear.


Essentially, when we choose fear the ego is running the show and protecting us from harm.


Now the ego is necessary, in my opinion. It’s where our goals come from, our drive, and our ability to kick ass at life!


When we choose love, our heart can run the show, and things just fall into place without force and the result is abundance in all areas of our life.  


Now this isn’t to say that “shit never happens” when we choose love. It just means we are better able to choose love and acceptance in the midst of shitty experiences.


The delicate balance of both is where we are highly productive, in alignment, abundant, happy, and have faith in the divine.


So how do we avoid suffering? …Just choose love!


Well that’s easier said than done.


As humans we are programmed to need love, desire love, and want to be surrounded by love.


But what happens when those basic requirements don’t get met?


Or when something we are working so hard at manifesting and bringing to fruition doesn’t show up like we planned?


We get stuck.


Well I may be the queen of stuckness so I am here to share a few of my favorite tools for getting unstuck.


One thing I know for sure is that the one thing we can count on is change, which can bring about discomfort, which increases your likelihood for resistance and getting stuck.


My clients become resilient at life.


They learn to dance in the rain and thrive under stress no matter what life throws their way. Because life will continue to pitch us curve balls, low balls, and sometimes take our kneecap out. OUCH!


Like anything else in life, practice is required. After all, we didn’t become highly skilled at anything without a little practice.


The basics of tying our shoes when we were little, learning to drive a car (scary at first… remember!), learning how to bake, and even learning how to rock climb. They can all be scary at first but with practice we learn how to conquer our fear, even when our brain that tells us we can’t do it, and with practice we succeed.


I was so scared in high school when I did my first rappel off of our high school building (I know right, what a kick ass gym teacher she was!) but it was also thrilling as I leaned back over the edge and watched the equipment work, and realized I was safe and supported.


I had one of my clients get stuck last week, which left her feeling scared, anxious, and unable to move forward in her work.


We found that a simple 5-minute morning ritual would allow her to set her intention for the day.


By setting her intention for the day, she was able to meet her fear with courage. This enabled her to take baby steps for this daunting larger project. And with practice of her 5 min morning ritual, she found she was finding more peace, more flow with her work, and less anxiety.


I teach my clients several tools they can use to craft their own morning ritual including movement such as tai chi, sun salutations, journaling, reading an inspiring book, praying, meditation, or Kirtan.


Kirtan is a call-and-response style chant or song, set to music, including chanting loving devotion to god or other deities. Kirtan is my favorite daily practice to get “unstuck” and the best news is that anyone can do it.


When you sing, you activate the throat chakra; you are using your voice, and increasing your vibration in the world. Whatever you focus on grows and increasing your vibrational frequency is an incredible way to living in abundance and love, no matter what life throws our way.


Krishna Das put Kirtan on the map in the western world. You can check him out here.


Maybe you aren’t into Kirtan and you are wondering if there are other options to help you shift while singing…HECK Yeah! Put on Pink, Imagine Dragons, Norah Jones…whatever floats your boat to get that voice of yours singing. Try it!


Now this sounds like a simple energy shifter yes?


But what about those with severe loss and trauma?


We all know what it feels like to experience the loss that feels like nothing will ever be the same. It’s the deepest kind of sadness that one can experience. It is also the place where the most exponential growth can happen (if we sit with it, sing with it, move with it, be with it).


The gifts that come out of the valley of darkness are game changers.


How many stories have you heard about a successful speaker or author finding their way out of the depths and then BAM! They wrote a book, did a Ted Talk, started a non-profit, and now they are positively impacting lives all over the country from leaning into their loss. Which all started with being stuck.


Stuck is an OK place to be. We just don’t want to take up residency here.


With traumas I have found allowing yourself X amount of time to grieve and sit with your anger will often give you permission to move through it and actually receive the gifts and opportunities that are present for us on the other side.


Now let’s talk about chronic stuckness…also a pattern I have found myself in over the years either physically, emotionally and even spiritually. UGH!


My clients love my stress balancing sessions for dealing with old patterns that are no longer serving us.


The perpetual stuckness we might not even be aware of for example: I am not worthy of a lucrative career AND a romantic marriage, or I can’t be successful and eat healthy all the time, or how about…I don’t have time to work out, I am too busy taking care of other people.


Does this sound like you?


Biofeedback is an advanced tool I use with my clients to help shift the old ways of being and break down limiting beliefs.


For me, it’s like having therapy but we don’t have to actually talk about what happened, or when and/or how it made you feel. I just put my feet up, relax, and disconnect from the technological world for about 20 minutes…and voila, my stress is balanced.


My clients typically fall off the horse with their healthy eating and lifestyle habits after about 2-3 months.


Ever tried a new habit and watch it fall off the radar in about 2-3 months?


I want my clients to actually shift their behaviors and to be empowered with their decisions for the long haul.


After 17 years of coaching hundreds of people, I can tell you this…It takes a whole lot more than will-power to shift old ways of being.


We need to change neural pathways in the brain.


Once those limited beliefs get programmed in at the young impressionable age of 3-5 years old they just reinforced over and over again. By the time we are adults, it’s hard to change those beliefs, no matter how strong the willpower is!


That’s where biofeedback comes in as one of my favorite stress balancing tools.


It is able to recognize where the areas of stress are happening in the body and just peel back the layers by working with the easiest layers of stress (stuckness) to balance first and moving deeper with more sessions.


It works with sound waves and can be done remote and my clients incorporate it into their daily wind down routine to help manage stress.


A few of the results my clients share are: less anxiety, amazing sleep, ability to focus, less anger, less triggers, and overall better sense of well-being.


Stay tuned for more info on my stress balancing sessions in the next few months as I roll out a new program that you won’t want to miss!


Love to hear what works for you when you get stuck…tag me back here.

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