Are you ready for a Bad Ass breakthrough??

What are the limiting beliefs holding you back? In your life, your work, your love? My big take away from my training was learning what my limiting belief was and how it was keeping me from getting what I really, really, really, want in my life. We did an amazing exercise that really helped show me how to “breakthrough” to the other side, and claim the essence of my bad ass self again.

Big Bob, the facilitator, instructed us to write down what our limiting beliefs were on the front side of a beautiful piece of pine board. On the other side, we wrote what we wanted to create in our life. That represented, what we wanted to break through to and create. I was a bullied kid (back before we had a name for it) because we moved often, and I was always the new kid. At least that is my theory and so I created a story that said “I’m not worthy”. Meaning, I am not worthy of love, a relationship, a successful career, a rocking resume, a healthy mind and body, and a community of people that support me all over the country.

It was time to call bullshit on that story, because it is clear as day, that I have manifested not just one of these ideas, but ALL!

On the other side of the board, I wrote, “unconditional love and acceptance of myself”. Funny how when other people say hateful things about us, we start to believe these words. Our brain has no other choice but to believe what it hears. I have been rewriting this story for quite some time now and it’s been a bit exhausting.


Next, we were told to use our body and hand to break thru the board. I had one thought come up when I heard what we had to do. How am I going to do this without getting hurt? AHA! And then I realized – where else am I doing this in my life? Holding back because I might get hurt, bullied, or pushed around either verbally or physically. Love these moments!

File_000 (1)I had two women holding the board for me. I usually go last, and was told, “all of you that always go last need to go first”…sigh. So I got ready, followed his cue, and with one HI-YA, I broke the board in half. Tears filled my eyes as adrenaline, relief, and a profound sense of…HELL YEAH came over me. That bullshit story was over…for now. I knew it would come up again and I would have to remind myself of this moment and my new belief.

It’s interesting how we tend to dim our light with some people and in certain situations. We all have this inner pilot light, this essence of bad ass-ness within. We just need to continue to show up in all things important to us, shine our light, and let go. The universe rewards us exponentially when we show up. It doesn’t matter if we do it right or wrong. It doesn’t discriminate, only matches are energy and our frequency.

Speaking of frequency, stay tuned for next month. I will be sharing about changing your frequency, which is exactly the shift that can happen when we balance your body with biofeedback.

Learn how to balance your stress with biofeedback here.

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