5 Secrets to feeling fabulous and thriving during the holidays


Make sure you know what you are walking into. If you’re attending a holiday party, plan to eat beforehand. It is safe to assume most parties offer tons of cheese, bread, and lots of sweets, so it is best to have a good mini meal before you go.


1.    A healthy protein like turkey slices with avocado

2.    Greek or non-dairy yogurt with nuts

3.    A smoothie

4.    A cup of soup

5.    A healthy protein bar

6.    Gluten-free crackers with hummus

7.    Any protein and vegetables

Make sure you are satisfied before you head out to the party.

And if you know there are tons of treats at work, make sure to keep a healthy snack in your bag (my favorite is a healthy protein bar by Vega or Plant Fusion, or homemade protein balls).


Keep it simple. Make sure the meals you are eating during the holiday season are easy to digest. Often we are stressed during the holidays, and when we eat when stressed, we go into fat storage mode rather than fat burning mode.

Taking deep breaths and being conscious of what you eat is key for your health and happiness, and will leave you better able to say no to the sweet treats.

Try taking a breath in through your nose, holding that breath for 10 seconds, and then releasing. Repeat this deep breathing exercise 5 times, and you will reduce those stressed feelings.


Two drinks I would not live without during the holiday are the following:


Take 2 cups of room temperature water and add the juice from 1⁄2 a lemon, a pinch of cayenne (optional), and 1 teaspoon of raw honey or a couple drops of stevia (use stevia if you are on a yeast cleansing diet).


Add 1 tablespoon of chlorophyll to 12 ounces of water with the juice of one lemon.

Note: you can buy chlorophyll at any natural food store, Whole Foods, or on Amazon.

Secret #4 – Traveling and Hotels

Most hotels offer a mini fridge now. So pack your favorite mini meals, or your favorite Paleo breakfast casserole and bring it with you. Bring your almond milk, coconut milk, and YES pack your Nutri bullet so you can have a smoothie everyday. This alone will support detoxificationJ

There is so much we can’t control on the holidays, so take action with the things you can control by packing your own food.

If a Nutri bullet is non negotiable, than make some protein balls with your plant based protein powder that you can take on your trip or take a hand shaker and boxed mini almond milks and coconut water. It will keep you away from fast food in emergency situations.

Secret #5 – You Must be Present to Win

Take your mindfulness, prayer, meditation, or whatever you call your practice, up a notch.

When you wake up in the morning, lie in bed and count 4 simple things you are grateful for. When you curl up at night, reflect back on your day.

Is there anything you would have like to have done differently?

Maybe you are not happy with your reaction or behavior?

Is there something you said you would like to retract?

Somewhere you spent your energy that in hindsight you wish you hadn’t?

Reflect back, learn from your day, and find 4 things to be grateful for.

Bonus tip

I always carry charcoal with me in a capsule form. This is in no way a hall pass to eat whatever you want and then “fix it” by taking charcoal, but excellent in an emergency situation when you have eating something that in no way is agreeing with your body. Charcoal helps the body eliminate toxins. You can find charcoal at your local earthfare or whole foods grocery store or amazon online.

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