Raising Your Vibration for More Love

We all want to “raise our vibration”. To be the best version or ourselves, be kind, successful, more loving, more fun, less stressed – the list for becoming the perfect human goes on and on!

My recent trip to the Sacred Valley in Peru helped me to discover that instead of trying to “let go” of all of our shortcomings, we can transmute these energies and thoughts back into the earth for transformation and open our hearts up for more love.

I don’t know about you, but letting go is easier said than done. Let’s be real for a minute…

I am a passionate rock climber, entrepreneur and hopeful romantic. I hang on…in work, relationships, life and in play. “Letting go” is such a hard lesson for me and I have been practicing for years!

This was refreshing news and I felt more doable in the human sense. My rational brain could get to work at this practice!

Now let me share more about how we begin this journey into transformation…

Attention and balancing of the lower energies of the first three chakras (root, sacral and solar) allow us to address our basic needs of security, stability, power, safety and sensuality.

These energies are also guided to create the greater good for everyone through the practice of Ayni, which is the essence of the heart chakra and true love.

Our heart chakra can open us up to the higher energies of the earth, sky, plants and animals and transform our personal desires into loving vibrations that can positively influence nature and all of mankind.

Many rituals are still practiced today to give thanks to Pachamama (Mother Earth) since all blessings essentially come from her. These rituals allow for communication and connection to Pachamama and to give thanks to and to receive blessings from her.

They call this powerful practice of Andean reciprocity, Ayni: I give to you and you give to me.

Sounds simple right? Think back how many times you have gotten on your mat in pain and suffering and said…Please God send me more money, heal my friend who is dying, or heal me Creator!

Or how about the classic cry “why me” when we find ourselves devastated and surrounded by loss. We all know these feelings; loss doesn’t discriminate.

We are a self-absorbed community and live in emotional scarcity most of the time, so taking the time to count our blessings and express gratitude, first, can simply shift the way the universe responds to us.

The Incas believe in Munay, unconditional love, and it flows out through the Andean region, as the entire valley is filled with the vibration of love and expressed on the faces of these people.

I can confidently say, I have seen the face of God in these people; where nothing shakes their joy and love. Nothing…

Everything is alive here and carries this vibration: the stones, rivers, plants, people and the cosmos.

I have a renewed sense of faith and believe in the ability to change your life.

Affirmations accompanied with visualizations can raise your vibration towards your desired change. Simply, allow spirits to guide you through your own affirmations and journal your thoughts and intuitive nudges. This will support you to express Ayni in all you do.

Here are a few affirmations to open your heart chakra to love and receive more in your life:

May all beings everywhere be happy and free

I open my heart with compassion and unconditional love

I express my emotions freely to others

I give myself permission to be touched by the joys of life everyday

I am connected to life

I love with ease

I release negative attachments to people and experiences and allow them to transmute into the earth

I release painful experiences and allow them to transmute into the earth

Sending you all the love in the world, wherever you are on your journey. Today in life, know that you are deeply valued, loved and needed in this world.

I would love to connect with you and hear what resonates with you about the Andean lore I have shared with you today.

Love ya big,

Shannon Lee

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