Flirting With the Divine Feminine

It’s mid-summer, the heat is on and the motivation to start new healthy habits is low. How do we rekindle the playfulness we once felt frolicking in the water?


I hear that some relationships are fulfilling and passionate and some are struggling. The fire is out, the days of flirting and teasing with your partner are numbered and more marriages are becoming a comfortable roommate situation.


Is there a part of you that longs to be desired and feel like the sexy kitten or wild tiger that you know you are or maybe once were?


I had an A-ha this weekend celebrating my 46th birthday, as I explored different parts of myself. I reflected on aspects of myself that had been repressed for many years because of cultural norms, and how we are told we should behave in this world.


I have always been noted by my friends and lovers as sassy and sweet, loving but wild, and even a bit of a tease.


“A tough butterfly to catch” said a friend in response to my choice to be single for many years as I nurtured my heart and soul to prepare myself to fully be in a relationship with another.


I have felt untamable in relationships before, not wanting anyone to ever tell me what to do. Righteous perhaps.


It was my way or the highway. I was scared to really open my heart because of so many wounds from experiences of feeling unloved and abandoned when I expressed myself fully.


I have softened over the years and have learned to receive in ways that have opened my heart to new dimensions and now my heart pours out with so much love it brings me random tears of joy that I am still trying to understand.


My nurturing side has won people over. In the past, in my attempts for self-preservation, I came across strong, bold, unladylike, flirtatious, too forward, and abrasive. My motto was, “I got this!”


In an attempt to be more accepted and more available for a partnership, I started to phase out the wild, flirtatious, brutally honest side of myself in my thirties.


In this process, I had kind of left the tiger behind. I saved it for the great outdoors and rock climbing because that’s where it would be appropriate to be so strong, dominating, bold, and aggressive.


As I collaborate with other authors on my first book, I am asked to dig deep into the sacred wisdom of the body, and how it relates to our health and the divine feminine. (Coming in November!)


I see so much resistance to change when it comes to our eating and lifestyle habits.

Some of my clients want change so bad, but the resistance and fear are so strong they give up or fall off track because we are so used to being comfortable and well, that’s just plain easier.


I had a friend call me flirtatious last week as an explanation for why I meet people both socially and romantically with ease and I noticed it triggered shame because we have been taught that it’s not ok.


So, I tapped into an old side of myself this weekend, the flirtatious, unfiltered, wild one that had been left behind for over a decade and realized how many women could nurture themselves and their relationships by just stepping into loving themselves more fully.


The flirtatious feminine side that teases, “wags her tail”, stands in her power of beauty and glory knows she is perfect exactly as she is….and when in that place is SO desired, beautiful and respected.


Not just by a partner, but by everyone – it spreads like fire.


The energy of the divine feminine is felt in public, which can spark a divine meeting. It is felt in tribes, sisterhoods, communities, and other women want it, but may have trouble even putting a label on it.


On my trip to Peru, all of the women in the mastermind played one of my favorite games for getting to know each other – Sparked.


The question was “when do you feel the most beautiful?”


I had been in a bit of a rough spot this spring with feelings of over-efforting and wanting more ease and grace in all areas of my life. I could feel the old bully in me rearing its ugly head to chastise me for choices I had made instead of gently allowing me to be courageous, take risk, and live bravely.


So I started telling myself everyday, multiple times a day, I love you Shannon Lee.


The frustration and disappointment, and the bully all started to disappear, at this point; I had been practicing intense self-love for just a couple of weeks.


So when it was my turn to answer, “When do I feel most beautiful?”, I shared that it was right when I got out of the shower, and I looked at myself in the mirror. Naked and vulnerable, with all of my imperfections and every decision ever made stored in every cell of my body.


I have listened to my clients over 15 years and I hear so much pain when it comes to looking in the mirror and I want to help heal the pain and bring more love to you.


How do you feel when you get out of the shower and take a look at that beautiful person in the mirror?


Do you feel love? Compassion? Sexy?


Or do you feel betrayal? Frustration? Disappointment?


Are you upset because that little tummy roll keeps getting your attention no matter how healthy you eat and how much you work out? And you just plain hate your middle section?


Or are you pissed off and wondering what product is really going to take those lines away from your lips and eyes. Wondering perhaps how and when did that even happen anyways?


The language you use with yourself is the energetic outfit you take into the world into every relationship you encounter, everyday.


This is where the rubber meets the road, spiritually speaking.


One thing I know for sure is that all conscious women have a deep burning desire to be seen, loved, valued, respected, and often caressed. We long for love, affection, belonging, and intimacy on all levels.


And I know that if we don’t love ourselves first, more than anyone ever could, no one else can. I also know that the more we love ourselves, the more attractive, sexy, divine, powerful, and beautiful we become.


With or without the gluten ladies. You can make a difference in your body just by how you talk to yourself.


Why wait for anything, or anyone before you feel Hot, Worthy, and Sexy?


If you are resisting changing your diet and looking at your foods and lifestyle choices, but you are still longing, you can start to consider how you can flirt with your divine femininity and embrace you exactly where you are.


The beauty is that we can all have it…it’s our divine right.


And if you feel like you don’t have it all, take a look at what you are resisting about yourself. What parts of you are you beating yourself up about?


When you start to love all parts of you, you can start to change from the inside out, and what you want on the outside will be happy to show up for you when you treat yourself with the love and respect you deserve.


So go ahead and flirt, show off that divine beautiful tiger inside that will light a fire behind every step you take.


When we go around looking for someone else to fill our love tank, relationships fail, energies collide, and a sea of emotional chaos becomes full of judgement instead of love.


Embrace the divine feminine within you, change the way you show up in the world, and be a part of the love revolution.


It all starts with you.


I challenge you to say “I love you” to yourself in the mirror everyday for the next 7 days and share with me how you feel after a week. I can’t wait to hear how this one simple affirmation can start to change things in every area of your life.


Love ya big,


Shannon Lee



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