Imagine Getting Out Of Your Own Way…

With summer behind us, we are leaving our carefree attitudes and playfulness and shifting into a season that is more introspective. The fall is a time of honing our communication skills, getting organized, and setting boundaries to honor ourselves.

This is the perfect time to honor your body and create non-negotiables that align with what you want to create in that beautiful body of yours in the upcoming months. 

Maybe it’s your children’s Oreos that keep making their way to your nightstand or maybe it’s how badly you want to start a regular morning meditation, but technology keeps getting in the way.

What if you could move into fall feeling in control and organized with your health goals and how you feel in your body? 

What if you could get out of your own way and no longer procrastinate on taking care of your body and mind? Set up for success…with healthy eating, rituals to build your confidence in living a healthy lifestyle, and even tools for loving your body every day?

I had a client tell me this past weekend that the grocery store is just overwhelming which can make it a bear to shop and eat in a healthy way.

I know I want to get in and get out of the grocery store and feel accomplished and not overwhelmed. It’s something we have to do…think of it as a ritual for nourishing that fabulous body of yours.

I have new tools you need to help you save time and frustration on your journey to healthy living and understanding what works for you!

I am excited to be finalizing a fall program that can help you with setting your mindset, self-love, shopping, healthy eating, intuitive development, and creating rituals that will align you in all areas of your life.

Listen, I struggled with addictions to processed foods, habits that were not serving me, and emotional trauma that left me feeling unworthy of love, money, or a job I truly loved. And…I was addicted to processed foods and sugar until I was 25 years old.

I know what it feels like to have cravings that beat you up from the inside out, whether it’s alcohol to decompress or an afternoon latte to get you through another deadline. 

I had a myriad of symptoms from acne, belly bloat, depression, anxiety, trouble sleeping, and wild mood swings. It’s not always about willpower my friend, so cut yourself some slack!

You need the science behind what’s going on in your gut that can trigger us emotionally and the tools that can physically and emotionally make those decisions easier for you.

Have you heard of a neurotransmitter cocktail? It’s time to understand how certain habits, food, sex, stress, play, meditation, and sleep effect that brain of yours so you can optimize getting the healthy body that you crave.

How about getting your brain and your body working together, on the same team? Voila! Now we are talking about a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable.

I have been diving deep into the science behind the brain, cravings, longings, and much more and I am so excited to share with you!

And…. my clients are having major breakthroughs in self-love, breaking bad habits they have had for years, and not to mention finding the ideal shape and size they love. 

So, as we approach fall, what kind of results with your health would make you one happy camper?  What are you struggling with? 

Email me here and let me know.

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