It doesn’t have to be all or nothing…

I know that you might be struggling with cravings and I get it. I want you to know that cravings are normal. It’s one way our bodies can signal that we are out of balance in some way.

Whether you are craving sugar, salty snacks, scrumptious carbs, love & affection, drugs, or even alcohol to decompress at the end of the day…our cravings are at an all-time high!

Our bodies are always trying to bring us back into homeostasis. Food cravings can signal where we are lacking in a mineral, vitamin, or even water deficiency.

Emotional and physical cravings can show us places where we need to give ourselves more attention and love. We need tools to help us stop looking outside of ourselves to fill the hole.

One thing I know is that hunger and cravings are NOT the same thing nor do they happen in the same place.

Hunger takes place in the stomach. Cravings take place in the brain and this is so important when it comes to sustaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Being a sugar addict and adrenaline junkie until I was 28 has taught me empathy and tools to help others in all areas of their lives. Now I don’t just mean chocolate or lattes but also cravings for social media, Netflix, or shopping on Zappos for those perfect shoes.

We tend to ourselves by trying to fill a hole…because YES we are human and we have needs!

Over the next few weeks, you will hear from me just a couple times a week with new and exciting details of my upcoming program.

I’ll be sharing case studies, some really epic blog posts, and some previews of what’s to come, including new content to give you new tools for being the healthiest and happiest version of you.

I help my clients get out of being overwhelmed and into a state of confidence and knowing what is right for their body because let’s face it, there isn’t one “fix all” diet, pill or book!

I help them learn how to implement the right tools for eating foods that fuel their body instead of causing inflammation…without feeling deprived.

Inflammation leads to chronic allergies, headaches, poor sleep, metabolism issues, digestion problems, belly fat, depression, a lack of self-love, and much more.

I teach you with the same tools that I taught myself as I struggled for almost 20 years!

I understand how it can be hard to even trust yourself when it comes to eating sugar, processed foods, and addictive poor lifestyle habits because I have been there. I have seen it time and time again with my clients and I know that with baby steps, you can make change.

You have to commit and trust in yourself but you also must have the tools you need to succeed.

In my new fall program, we will discuss new concepts like the ARN (AppetiteRegulating Neural Network) and hormones that control our appetite and cravings to better understand cravings so you can see them in a whole new way.

Did you know 80-90% of your serotonin is created in the gut? This is the brain chemical that helps us feel good in your body…and I want you to feel good in that beautiful body of yours! 

And that’s what I have created for youA program to give you the tools to understand your cravings, take control of your health, and fall in love with your body again.

If you can’t trust in yourself that you can do it, you can borrow my faith in you and we will do it together.

It’s SO much easier to do it with someone, which is why my clients have so much success with my detoxes and sign up every season.

My 21-Day SOAR Detox program will provide you with tools for:

  • Quality sleep from balanced sugar levels
  • Beating your afternoon energy slumps without sugar or caffeine
  • Understanding of your cravings
  • Losing those last few lingering pounds
  • How to love that body of yours again and feel good in it
  • 5 minute rituals: reduce stress, train your mind, and feel peace
  • Stopping procrastination dead in its tracks
  • How to nurture love for your body again

Here are the juicy details of what you’ll be getting:
(Click here for a full description of the detox materials)

  • SOAR 21-Day Guide: A step-by-step manual that’s chock-full of everything you need to know to detox in a safe and natural way…
  • SOAR 21-Day Suggested Meal Plans: Family friendly…
  • SOAR 21-Day Daily Protocol Guide & Checklist: A day-by-day protocol checklist for your entire detox….
  • SOAR 21-Day Shopping List: Shopping made easy….
  • Detox Prep Guide: Planning, shopping and proper mindset work..
  • Detox Food Diary: Keep track of how you’re feeling….
  • SOAR 21-Day Recipe Guide: Over 60 scrumptious recipes
  • Detox Tips and Tools: Tools to help cleanse your body of toxins..
  • PH Testing Guide: Learn how/why an alkaline diet can be beneficial
  • Beating Sugar Guides: Teach you what you need to know about finding, avoiding and replacing the harmful sugars in your diet.
  • Private Facebook forum: Be a part of a community of like-minded women who can offer support and encouragement during and long after the program ends.

*Bonus: More Live Group and 1:1 coaching time with me, than ever!

1. At least 5 live Zoom calls where we explore the science behind cravings and get you motivated, answer questions, and help you get the support and education you need.
2. Customized 30 min 1:1 remote strategy session for your next customized steps to help you keep getting results long after the detox is over.

If you’re ready to up level your health, click here to enroll!

You’ll get all the keys behind the science of cravings, tools to help you understand them, change them, and how to manage them. You will also begin to learn what foods work for YOU and YOUR body.

I will only be offering the 21-Day Detox until September 2nd at an EARLY BIRD SPECIAL rate of $247. After that, the price will be $297.

Let’s do this! Enroll now!

Can’t wait to help you take control of your health, rise up and SOAR!

Love ya big,

Shannon Lee


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