3 Common Mistakes to Lose Weight and How to Avoid Them

I catch myself doing things backwards in love, work, play, and relationships. My recovering perfectionist laughs now and is able to let go and embrace the potential new ways that each experience brings.

We all have our strengths and so I am grateful when someone can show me a more direct, less uncomfortable approach to help support me in reaching my goals.

I want to share the three most common mistakes I see with people on their journey with weight loss.

Let’s face it, losing weight is the most common goal I see, hear, and read about. Male or female, we would all like to ditch a few of those pounds around the waist, and honestly the older we get, the more stubborn they become!

#1. They don’t Break-the-fast. In my world, breakfast is the most important meal. You have been fasting all night long, regenerating your precious body. When you get going in the morning, you have to give it fuel. If you don’t, your body will start to burn muscle instead of fat. IT’S TRUE! Your body will think you are trying to starve it and hold on to the fat because your body can live much longer on fat alone.

Sadly….a banana does not count as breakfast. A banana will spike your blood sugar levels because it is a high glycemic food and without protein or fiber, your body will release cortisol, your stress hormone.

Guess where we store that friendly stress hormone cortisol? Yep, the waistline…the dreaded muffin top! This is a lifestyle habit I can help you transform!

In my 21-Day Detox program we explore healthy but quick recipes to balance blood sugar levels, break the fast, and start your day with your body burning fat right out of the gate.

With over 60 recipes, I will show you how certain foods along with fat-burning tips can help you to keep burning fat all day long.

#2. They count calories instead of quality of food. I am not a calorie counter, never have been and likely never will be. It is the quality of your food that is important. Whole foods will nourish your body with micronutrients (vitamins and trace minerals) we need to function on all levels.

Losing weight, sleeping better, and decreasing anxiety can all be improved from the micronutrition found in whole foods.

I have seen clients get caught up in foods with a vanishing calorie density. What the heck is that? 

Think of food that “melts in your mouth”, where you can’t have just one. Your potato chips, Cheetos, pretzels…anything that just doesn’t seem to fill you up and leave you satiated. It’s because it can’t. We will explore this topic more in our Live Zoom calls in the 21-Day Detox program.

These foods are engineered by food scientists and when you eat these processed foods, it creates habits and biofeedback loops in the brain that create cravings. Hence, we develop bad habits like late night snacking at the computer. It has less to do with willpower.

My new fall program will help educate you on where cravings happen, why you have them, and how to rewire your brain for healthy habits that will last. Learn more here.

#3. They do it alone. I struggled for almost 20 years by myself! The first 10 years were definitely the hardest. There were no health coaches. Functional medicine doctors that work with food as medicine were few and hard to come by, and not covered by insurance.

I did it alone…and you, my friend, don’t have to!

It took me 20 years instead of perhaps months to figure out which foods were working for me and which foods weren’t.

Find a friend who has similar goals and partner up to hold each other accountable. Ask your spouse, your child, best friend, or someone to support you. Accountability breeds results.

You will find the accountability and support from a like-minded community in my 21-Day Detox starting on Thursday September 6th.

BONUS: Grab a friend and get two for one pricing, just email me here for deets. Now that’s double the accountability to ensure success! 

No one fails in my programs. We create baby goals that allow you to win no matter what. That’s why I personally connect with each of my participants prior to the program to get these steps in place. 

My group coaching style will gently but firmly help you to stay engaged and get results. A group program is where people get exponential results…we are all in it together!

My new fall 21-Day Detox program is packed with over 17 years of experience and juicy content. Just to give you a sneak peek….

  • Over 60 healthy + delicious recipes and meal plans
  • Live group coaching calls to get your questions answered
  • Learn how to use PH testing to guide your eating habits

I can show you how to break free from cravings, feel lighter, more confident, and healthier with your decisions to create a healthier life for yourself.

If you want a partner to help you take charge of your health, feel good in your body again, take a peek here.

Love ya big,

Shannon Lee

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