4 Pillars For Physical + Spiritual Health

Chinese medicine shares that spring and fall are our hinges for summer and winter.

Summer represents a time when we open up and bloom like a flower, expanding our energies outward, and winter a time when we take our energy inward for hibernation, creation, and grounding.

A common problem one of my clients shared with me today is: “I fell off track” this summer. She is struggling to find balance…between what she eats, how she feels in her body, and the choices she makes.

Did you fall off track?

First of all, don’t feel guilty. This happens to ALL of us.

Here are the top 4 things you need to know to Reboot this Fall and get back on track…

*Warning if done regularly, you may create sustainable habits that could last you a lifetime. YES! 

1. Food for fuel. There is no one diet that works for everyone. You have to take the time to figure out which foods work for your unique body.

This means identifying food allergies, intolerances, and sensitivities, then adjusting your diet to accommodate for these things.

With the amount of toxicity in our environments and processed foods in our diets, it’s easy for our bodies to get out of whack.

If you find yourself tired often or easily gaining weight, this is usually due to blood sugar imbalances.

Learning how to bring your blood sugar back into balance is a tool for success so your body can optimize the sugars you’re consuming and continue to burn fat.

This is step one in learning what food fuels your unique body.

Don’t worry, there are a TON of delicious and nutritious ways to balance your blood sugars every day. Click here for a sneak peek at the suggested detox meals.

2. Rituals: The way you do one thing is the way you do everything. It would make sense that the best and most impactful part of your day would be the first five minutes.

Do you spend the morning rushing around feeling stressed or listening to the violence in the news? 

A simple ritual you can create for yourself today is to schedule and prioritize 5 minutes for yourself in the morning.

Creating intention for how you want to show up in your relationships…with your spouse, your children, co-workers, with your friends, and your community will go along way in supporting you and reducing stress.

There are 3 types of meditation: mantras, breathing meditation, or single pointed awareness.

Taking just 5 minutes in the morning to sit in silence, with music or without, will create space in your mind and your heart. It will create space in how you react to the rest of the day…to the people that cut you off in traffic, to the kids’ carpool line, and to disappointments that are inevitable.

Meditation is not just a “woo-woo” tool anymore. It’s an everyday ritual to manage your stress and there’s a reason why more and more people want to learn about it.

Depression, anxiety, and loneliness also all breed dis-ease so it is important to explore different ways to create healthy rituals for you to support yourself. 

Your life will begin to flow and feel less stressed by just implementing this simple routine.

How do you get started with meditation?

Keep an eye out for me in your inbox this weekend, I will share a meditation from my upcoming Detox with you!

If you want to learn more about meditation, join us in the 21-Day detox. where we explore simple 5 minute routines that you can download and enjoy in the morning or evenings to help you reduce stress.

3. Re-train your mind: Cravings are a real concern and we all have them.It’s important to identify when you are having cravings and when you are hungry, and know the difference. 

If you have developed unhealthy habits in the past and now have unhealthy cravings, you can learn how to unravel the source of the cravings and start to crowd them out with healthier habits.

For example: If you crave sugars and sweets, make a smoothie. Add raw cocoa nibs for a little crunch, and enjoy the natural caffeine buzz. The key is to add one cup of spinach, kale, or romaine to your smoothies, a cup of frozen berries (low sugar) and a tbsp. of your favorite nut butter (i.e. cashew or almond butter).

This example will do two things: 
A. You will start to create a new healthy habit by reaching for a delicious sweet smoothie instead of a Snickers bar or homemade brownie when you feel the need to snack. As a result, you will change what you crave by changing the ratio of good bacteria to bad bacteria in the gut. A nutritiously dense smoothie will feed the good bacteria and crowd out the bad!

B. You will start to re-train your mind because when you DO have that craving, instead of reaching for something unhealthy, you can train your brain to fall in love with something healthier. It works!

I call this a “two-fer”…you get two benefits for implementing one change by shifting the chemistry in your brain and your gut. 

4. Detoxify: Enjoy guilty pleasures. Why? Because life is short and lovely. What would make life more pleasurable? Maybe some dark chocolate? Or a guilt free happy hour? 

You don’t have to be “all in” to win when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. You just need to understand that you have to let your body and mind rest and reset on occasion. It could be 24 hours, 7 days, or 21 days on a regular basis.

A detox allows you to enjoy things you love, without feeling guilty later.

There are tools that you can implement after your happy hour to move toxins out immediately and there are tools that can stimulate healthy cell renewal for your skin, improve your gut lining, nourish your adrenals, and regulate your hormones! 

We will expand on all 4 tips in my 21-Day Detox. I empower you to take control of your diet and unhealthy habits once and for all and learn to love your body.

No one fails in the detox, it’s about setting up baby steps + baby wins to make small but impactful changes that you can sustain, long after the detox is over.

Click here to reserve your spot today!

You won’t want to miss this!

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