Covid-19 Toolbelt

One of the most powerful things I read recently that really helped me put my 100% belief into my body and my immune system was shared by a dear friend and colleague Dr. Russel Sher, Functional Medicine Doctor, Asheville, NC 


“You can boost your Innate Immune Response (which is going to kill the virus when it gets inside of you) using multiple herbs and vitamins. Once your Innate Immune Response kills the infected cells and presents those dead cells to your Adaptive or Acquired Immune Response to create your own antibodies to the coronavirus, this whole thing will be over, and you will have your own antibodies for this virus in the future. The older you get, the weaker your Innate Immune Response becomes. This is why the elderly are the most vulnerable.” Dr Russel Sher


So, breathe that in….and how about breathing in that 80,000 people have successfully recovered from the virus! Let’s celebrate that!!!


Here are a few questions to reflect on during this time to help you identify if you are feeding love and hope or fear and anxiety? 


Are you turning on your phone and plugging into the news or social media in bed, just before bed, or right after you wake up?


Are you keeping your phone off for the first hour of your day to nourish your sweet soul and prepare for the bombardment of fear, news, and facts that will come your way? 


Are you moving your body every day?


Are you noticing your posture at home in your new maybe “makeshift” shared office? You can’t be sad or depressed if you are standing tall and/or sitting upright. 


Are you practicing gratitude now more than ever? Blessing your meals and your health? 


As always I want to educate and empower you to take the necessary steps you can so you can thrive during this time, just like any other time. Because…you can. There is always a gift and a silver lining.


Are you giving yourself a high five? You nailed it communicating in a very stressful conversation, because I know we are all having them right now.


Or is fear showing up and you are kicking yourself in the ass with how you just talked to your girlfriend and told her to stay the hell home!? Or perhaps snapped at your parents who don’t see the alarm in running out to the local home depot to get ready for a few projects.


What is unfolding for you? How are you showing up right now?

Here’s what you need to know about how the virus spreads: In summary you get the virus from the air and after touching contaminated objects

  • Droplets from a cough or sneeze stay in the air and are contagious for up to 3hrs
  • Droplets landing on hard surfaces like copper are contagious for up to 4hrs
  • Droplets landing on cardboard up to 24 hrs (wipe down all delivery packages and/or use gloves)
  • Droplets landing on plastic, stainless steel up to 3 days (again wipe down any packages and wipe down your own stainless steel everyday)
  • Use gloves going into any store and dispose of on your way out.
  • Wipe down all bags and door handles or anywhere you could have touched between the store and home.
  • Have antibacterial wipes at the entrance of your home, your car and your purse
  • Stay at least 6 ft away from everyone, incubation period is 2-12 days and you may or not show symptoms.


Here is my current toolbelt and tips I wanted to share with you:


  • Move your body every day. If the sun is out, get Vitamin D, walk your dog, that is legal:) You can also find tons of free online tai chi, yoga, kickboxing, and dance classes. com is offering a 30-day trial of all their livestream classes and they have barre dance, hip hop, strength, cardio, and even stretch classes. I am loving this new tribe I have joined right now.
  • Find a fresh fruit and vegetable delivery service. You can google “fresh fruit and vegetable delivery service or CO-OP near me” and you should get some options. Colorado Springs local COOP, Farm to Fork Colorado is still accepting new members but some places have been overwhelmed. In that case you can explore Farmbox Direct, Sun Basket, or the Green Chef. Ranch foods direct is a local organic farm supplying meat locally in the COS area. You can look locally for a meat supply as well that may perhaps deliver.
  • Boost your immune system. Here are the products I have researched among the professional and highly respected medical doctors and what I am taking:
    • Vit C 1000mg a day (Trace mineral powder power pack!)
    • ZInc up to 30 mg a day (I am taking every other day because you CAN get too much)
    • Elderberry (combined with Vit C and zinc in a lozenge is great!)
    • Curamed (curcamin is high inflammatory so if you have any aches and pains or tend to have inflammation, good time to manage that)
    • Juiceplus: Read the research here on Juiceplus and its effects on respiratory health in elderly, athletes, and smokers!
    • Join Wellevate here, my online dispensary to receive my immune boosting protocol at 20% off and also whatever else you might need.
  • Stock up on packaged goods, frozen meats, and soups at Thrive. They have a 1-2 week delay, but right when you are likely going to need to go to the grocery store you can receive your delivery. We are avoiding all stores as much as possible, including grocery. Even where they are monitoring people. It’s still a large group of people.
  • DO your part. STAY HOME. Medical professionals are risking their lives and the health of their families everyday…the least we can do is stay home to stop the spread:)
  • Meditate, pray, incorporate mudras to support the respiratory system. Write in your gratitude journal day and night. Build resilience in your mind and spirit.
  • Practice your healthy lifestyle;
    • Good sleep hygiene
    • CDC guidelines for good hygiene
    • Move your body daily
    • Meditate and stress and anxiety reducing practices
    • Eat a wholesome diet of fruits and vegetables more than ever


*Viruses feed off of sugar and processed foods…ditch them for now:) 


Empower yourself with a 5-minute Ratna Prabha Mudra meditation a mantra for clearing congestion from the lungs and sinus passages, activating digestion, and increasing mental clarity. Perfect to support your immune system to overcome the Coronavirus.


I would love to hear from you and how your heart and soul are holding up at this time.

Please note all my services are reduced 40%. I will serve anyone that needs support and extend a “Pay what you can” rate for programs and services for the next 60 days.


Much Love and healing to you and your family at this time.